Selling Tips: Shipping for the Holidays

Online purchasing is higher than ever in 2020, and the holidays will be no exception! 

It may seem contradictory to a business owner, but offering a service like free/low-cost shipping and hassle-free returns can actually increase sales, profitability, and your customer base.

Here are the 2020 statistics for shoppers when deciding to make a purchase:

  • RETURNS: 54% say a retailer’s overall return policy is a major consideration when purchasing online. 85% expect returns to be a self-service. Consumers increasingly want to avoid contacting customer service to initiate returns. Take a look at this 2020 Shipstation study.
  • FREE shipping: 50% of online shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart because of shipping costs in a 2020 study by Baynard.

A survey was done by Convey that also shows that the top reason that US internet users shopped at Amazon was:

  • 79.8% of shoppers want fast and free shipping - outpacing broad selection (68.9%) and best pricing (49.2%).

There is no “one size fits all” model for holiday shipping, but we can offer a few things to consider to help with the customers' experience. 

Free Shipping

  • Offer free shipping on popular products or when the purchase amounts exceed a minimum amount. 
  • Incorporate the shipping cost into the cost of the item.

Uncomplicated Returns

  • Incorporate your Return Policy on email notifications. 
  • Provide automated returns through the return portal of your store website. 
  • Add pay-on-use return labels with each order. 

Fast Delivery

  • Give your customers' the option for premium delivery services for a higher fee to offset the additional cost.  

Remember, you can always add or remove a feature like free shipping. The only way to really know how it will impact your business is to offer it as an option.


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