Selling Tips: Offering Multiple Shipping Options

Offering multiple shipping options to your customers will increase your store's appeal and keep buyers satisfied.

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant. You sit down, open your menu and there’s only one item listed. Whether or not you like it, you’ll have to order it because - let’s face it - you have no other option even though it’s not what you were hoping to get. Sounds kind of unappealing, doesn’t it? It’s really no different when you offer your customers one option for shipping. Waiting a week for a package may not be a big deal to one customer while another customer may refrain from buying all together if they can’t have their desired item within a day or two. If you give your customers one shipping option, they may feel as if they’re being forced to pay for something they don’t want.

In a  survey conducted by UPS and comScore, a digital business analytics company, over half the respondents said they've abandoned a cart because shipping costs made the total purchase cost higher than expected. The survey also showed online shoppers have a window of delivery time they’re willing to wait out - with the largest percentage (48%) saying they don’t want to wait longer than five days for most purchases. Giving your customers more shipping choices makes the shopping experience with you more enticing.


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