Selling Tips: Offering Same-Day Shipping

Providing a same-day shipping option is a great way to get customers excited about a quicker delivery.

In a time when instant gratification is increasingly appealing, many retailers are looking for ways to up the ante when it comes to shipping. In large metros, this may mean same-day delivery - an offering that started with Amazon in 2009. While this may not be possible for many small- to medium-sized businesses or in rural markets, the option of same-day shipping is definitely appealing to customers and a great way to build business.

From a productivity standpoint, offering same-day shipping leaves less room for error and can improve workflow. Knowing all of your orders must be fulfilled and shipped the same day they’re placed prevents orders from piling up and inventory sitting out with the intentions of being shipped. It also appeals to the customer who knows that the item they've just purchased will be on its way to them within a matter of hours instead of in a day or two. While some retailers offer a cut-off point for this service - oftentimes early afternoon - it’s not necessary given the ease of USPS scheduled pick-ups and the ability to drop shipments at a USPS retail location with an after hours lobby.


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