Shipping Food - Perishable Mail | Overview

A large portion of the e-commerce space is filled with stores selling food and other perishable items. This material can be shipped with the right steps of precaution. Making sure your items arrive in a timely manner is important when shipping food. Check out our guide to ensuring delivery and protecting your shipments.

The USPS guidelines for shipping food

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables can only be mailed if they are presented in a dry condition and can reach their destination without spoilage.
  • Eggs can be mailed if they are properly contained/insulated and they will be unharmed by temperature changes during transit.
  • You can only mail meat and meat products if it conforms to USDA regulations. This guide includes instructions regarding dry ice to keep the meat from spoiling.

Packing tips

  • Bubble wrap all of your goods and make sure to wrap wet items tightly.
  • If you have more than one container inside the box, make sure that the two containers do not come into contact with one another.
  • Surround the containers with packing peanuts or similar material.

Other carrier guidelines for shipping food



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