Shipping Live Animals - Perishable Mail | Overview

Although it is less common than, say - a letter or birthday gift, live animals can be and are sent through the USPS regularly. However, it is imperative that live animals are packaged and prepared properly

The requirements are as follows:

  • Shipment must be prepared to protect USPS employees and the public.
  • The container must protect the animal(s) from dying.
  • The container must be at minimum constructed from a 275-pound test, double-wall, corrugated, weather-resistant fiberboard, or equivalent.
  • Animals must be sent without food or water.
  • Adult fowls and chicken have additional requirements outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual.
  • The container must be able to protect the animal, keep it from escaping and provide ventilation at all times
  • Mail must bear a return address and description of contents on the side of the box.



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