Can I return ship a package I sent to Canada?

Unfortunately, ShippingEasy only supports shipping orders that are originating from the United States. It was possible to send the original shipment to Canada, because the package could be picked up by a carrier in the United States. However, once in Canada, there is no way for a USPS carrier to pick up the package.

In order to return the shipment to you, either you or your customer will need to purchase the postage from a shipping provider in Canada:

  • Shipper provided pre-paid options: Canada Post has some registration requirements for anyone looking to ship a package from Canada to the United States. So, if a significant portion of your volume is bound for Canada, it may be worth setting up. Learn more
  • Customer provided postage: If you do not have enough volume to justify the hoops of setting up a Canada Post account, then it's best to request that your customers take charge of managing the return logistics. It's also recommended that you review your International/Canadian return policy to make sure that you've detailed this requirement.


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