How to: Format international addresses

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Addressing international mail using a basic format makes it much easier than it may seem.

Oftentimes, people get frustrated with addressing International Mail simply because the format looks different than how we’d address mail going to a US destination.

IMPORTANT: when formatting international addresses, consider the following.

How to: Enter an international address in ShippingEasy

Addresses can be edited in ShippingEasy from the ORDERS and READY TO SHIP pages. Learn how:

The following fields are available for international addresses:
Field Name Information required Example
First Name First name of recipient. Required. Joyce
Last Name Last name of recipient. Required. Browning
Company Name of recipient company. Optional. Browning, LLC
Phone Number Phone number of recipient. Required by some carriers.  +44 7700 900181
Address Line 1 Destination street address or post office box number. Required. 2045 Royal Rd
Address Line 2 Additional address information, such as unit, suite, or apartment. Required from some addresses. Apt B
City Name of destination city. Required. London
Postal Code Mailing code unique to city or locality. Required. WIP 6HQ
Province Name of destination province, an administrative district within the country. Required for some countries. Learn more.  
Country Name of destination country. Required. United Kingdom
Email Address Email destination for shipping confirmation emails. Not needed to deliver package.

How to: Hand address an international package

Write legibly in English, in all capital letters if possible, and roughly follow this layout:

Address Line Information required Example
Line 1 Name of the addressee MS JOYCE BROWNING
Line 2 Street address or post office box number 2045 ROYAL ROAD
Line 3 City or town name, other principal subdivision, and postage (if known) LONDON WIP 6HQ
Line 4 Full country name (upper case in English) UNITED KINGDOM


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