What options do I have for USPS international shipping?

International shipping delivery times are dependent on which mail service is used and can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for your package to be delivered.

Sending a shipment overseas is like sending yourself overseas: preparation required. One of the most important steps in the process for either scenario is what class to travel in to get there.

First-Class International

First-Class Mail International is the least expensive way to send packages and envelopes that weigh less than 4lb.

Delivery time: varies by destination.

  • You can use your own packaging and envelopes with First-Class Mail International.
  • The pricing for First-Class International is based on the destination of the shipment.
  • Any packages or envelopes that weigh more than 1 lb. must be accompanied by a Customs Form.
  • Packages cannot be more than 24" long and 36" in combined length and width.

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International offers a faster delivery time than First-Class Mail International

Delivery time: approximately six to 10 business days

  • Send packages that weigh up to 70 lb.
  • Use custom packaging or boxes available from the USPS Flat Rate pricing is also available.
  • Shipping cost will be determined by the distance the shipment is traveling.
  • Tracking is available through the Track & Confirm tool on usps.com
  • Delivery confirmation included.


Priority Mail Express International

Priority Mail Express International offers the quickest delivery option

Delivery time: three to five business days

  • Ships to 190 countries
  • Includes $100 insurance coverage and a Money-Back Guarantee to certain destinations in the event that a package fails to be delivered.
  • Flat Rate pricing is available.
  • Tracking is included and can be accessed through usps.com
  • Delivery Confirmation included.



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