What countries does ShippingEasy support?

We support both Domestic and International shipments outbound from the United States. While merchants can be anywhere, keep in mind that the shipments must originate from the United States.

If you are using a warehouse or shipper outside of the United States then you will not be able to use ShippingEasy for those shipments.

For more information regarding what countries each Carrier provides service for, please refer to the corresponding Carrier link:

If you have a specific international carrier that you would like us to consider adding to our product support, please post your request to our Community Forums.


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Do you support shipments from outside to US to outside the US? Eg. from Greece to UK

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Hello Panos - 

Thank you for your interest in ShippingEasy. At this time, we are unable to supply postage for shipments originating outside of the United States. If you have a warehouse/shipper in the United States, you will be able to use ShippingEasy with your store. Otherwise, I regret that the application will not be able to help with your particular shipping needs.

However, we encourage all shippers to contribute to our Feature Requests Forums with any feedback that might help us improve ShippingEasy.

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