Reasons to Upgrade from the Starter Plan | Overview

We created our freeStarter Plan to help youget started shipping online. Once youhave yourstores configured and the orders start rolling in, you need a plan that can grow with you. That's whywe've created greatplans to upgrade to!

Here are somegreat reasons to upgrade to our Basic plan:

Greater Discounts on USPS Postage

Your USPS postage account will be upgraded from ShippingEasy Starter Rates to Commercial Pricing.

What does that mean? Average of 50 to 60 cents less per label printed. Learn more about USPS rates.

Hardware Integration

Do you use a USB scale or print to multiple printers?

ConnectEasy lets you integrate all your hardware for seamless workflows. Learn more about ConnectEasy.

Shipping Reports

Upgrading to the basic plan provides metrics that allow you to keep on top of financials when it comes to shipping costs and breakdowns.

  • Need a break down of how much you're spending?
  • Where do you ship to most often?
  • Spreadsheets of data ready to easily export?

Learn more about reports.

CSV Order Uploads

Sell on a platform that doesn't ingrate with ShippingEasy?

It is even easier to import these orders into ShippingEasy with tools to upload CSV files with all your orders for the day. Learn how to import orders via CSV.


If your mail carrier ever mentions an easy to scan one-pager that will consolidated all picked up packages to one sheet - this is what they are talking about. Learn more about USPS SCAN Forms.

Multiple Users

Is your shipping department growing and you're no longer a one-man show?

Register multiple users to your account and track their shipments individuals or set unique hardware settings per user.

Inventory Management

Keep your warehouse inventory up to date with ShippingEasy's Inventory Management features. Track your stock levels, create purchase orders and manage your supplier contacts all within our app. Learn more about Inventory Management.

Dedicated Support - Email, Live Chat, and Phone

We know shipping isn't always easy - that's why we strive to make it so. Any time you have a simple question or need a walk-through, the Basic plan supports you through and through.

  • Ready-to-answer phone support line right out of our Austin headquarters? Check.
  • Quick to reply Chat specialist ready with answers? Check.
  • Urgent email requests during your 10 pm packing and shipping session? Check.


You'll never know how easy it can be to ship, until you do - let us help make that happen!

Ready to upgrade to the Basic plan? It's easy!

  2. Select Change Plan.
  3. From the SHIPPINGEASY SUBSCRIPTION PLANS page, locate the "Basic" column and click the blue Upgrade button at the bottom of the page.
  4. You're all set to start using the upgraded features of the Basic plan!
Want to see all ShippingEasy's plans side by side before you decide?

Compare the features available for all our plans.

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