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To help you resume your workflow quickly, we've compiled a list of questions to help troubleshoot common printer problems you may encounter.


Is your printer plugged into both the power outlet and your computer?

Please be sure that your hardware is properly configured.

Is your printer turned on?

Just for good measure, double-check that your printer is powered on.

Have you tried restarting your computer?

A quick reboot is often just what a computer needs.

Are you printing with a DYMO, Zebra, or Rollo thermal printer?

We have specialized troubleshooting guides for these popular thermal printers:


Have you recently updated your ShippingEasy document settings?

Any changes to your settings will be reflected in documents created after the settings were changed.  Any label, packing slip, or pick list that you generated before updating your settings will retain the previous settings.  Try regenerating these documents to see if the new settings are properly applied.  If you still have problems, consider the following solutions.

Are there any available updates for your software?

Adobe Reader: ShippingEasy generates files in a PDF format. This requires that Adobe Reader is functioning optimally. Learn more.

Browser: All browsers update their software from time to time. ShippingEasy is optimized for Chrome, but many shippers use Firefox with good success. We do not recommend Explorer. Updating to the latest version ensures the browser's features are working at their best. Click through each name for their update guide:

ConnectEasy:  ConnectEasy is a program that integrates your printer directly with ShippingEasy.  ShippingEasy releases new versions of ConnectEasy from time to time.  So, if you are printing via ConnectEasy, please check that you have the latest version installed. Learn more.

Are there any available software updates for your printer?

The printer software is updated from time to time.  Check with your manufacturer for the latest software updates for your printer.

Is your browser using Adobe to open the PDF?

Since PDFs open and print best via Adobe Reader, make sure that your browser is using Adobe to open the files.  Learn more.

Have you installed ConnectEasy and your print jobs are not being received?

If you have just installed ConnectEasy: Make sure that you've completed the installation.  The first time you launch ConnectEasy, you'll be prompted for login credentials.  Find these in ShippingEasy, by going to SETTINGS >> CONNECTEASY.

If ConnectEasy has been fully configured and your documents are not printing: A quick restart will reset the system and resolve most printing problems. Learn more.

If you have a more advanced configuration of networked printers: Review our FAQ guide for using ConnectEasy.


Still having printing problems?

We've put together guides to help work through the most common printing problems. These can be found with a keyword search. If you're not sure where to get started, we recommend checking out these sections of our Knowledge Base:

  • Label Printing: general topics in "how to" print a label.
  • Browser troubleshooting: resources for problems viewing or downloading a label PDF.
  • Printing troubleshooting: resources for problems printing a label from a PDF or via ConnectEasy.



I can't print shipping labels. A box pops up to display off label but nothing appears. I have checked for off updates and everything is good. This has been going on for a week. I have requested refund for postage I paid for but have not been able to use. I don't believe I have been refunded and the problem is still happening. Can you please look into this immediately.

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Hi Casidy,

Thank you for your message.

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with printing your labels.  

For your browser are you using Microsoft Edge?  If so, would you please try on another browser such as Google Chrome?  We've had some reports that PDF files are not displaying correctly in Edge.

Please let me know in the comments below if that works.  I'd be glad to troubleshoot further if that doesn't do the trick.

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Hi. I am having the same problem as the previous user. I purchased my label, and the window that opened and should contain my label is blank. I have cleared my cookies, cache, history, and even my dns data and nothing is working. When I click on "reprint label", the window is blank. I use google chrome and Windows 10. Please help asap, as my customer was informed that her order shipped today. Thanks!

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Hi Noriane,

Thank you for your message.

We have recently heard of some issues with the Chrome PDF viewer due to this extension. I recommend disabling the MacAfee WebAdvisor Chrome Extension by following these steps:
1. Click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of Chrome
2. From the drop-down click “More Tools” then “Extensions”.
3. Toggle off the MacAfee WebAdvisor plugin.
4. Reopen the PDF file

If those steps don't do the trick, please post in our Community Forums here so we can assist further.  Thank you! 

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