Use ShippingEasy Without a Store to Connect | Overview

ShippingEasy supports dozens of store and platform integrations. First, check to see if ShippingEasy can connect to your store.

Do you host your store on a platform that ShippingEasy does not currently support? Or do you use CSV files to process your orders? No problem!

You can sign up with ShippingEasy and import your orders with a simple CSV upload tool or add orders one-at-a-time.

The CSV store is a particularly useful tool for anyone uploading via CSV file. Each CSV store has unique store settings which can be applied towards templates or appear on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. You can also have multiple CSV stores if you sell on multiple unsupported platforms. When uploading a CSV file, you can simply selects which CSV store it is for.

We also provide an open API so that you can integrate platforms which are not otherwise supported (so long as you have a developer of your own who can set this up). 

Registering a ShippingEasy Account without Integrating a Store

  1. Head to our pricing page.
  2. Select a plan that best suits your business.
  3. Click the green Free Trial button.
  4. Provide some basic details about your business.

    • Your Company Name - this will be the name of your account
    • Enter your email - for account-related communications, this will also be your username
    • Create a password - pick a secured password to protect your data
    • Enter your phone number - provide the best contact for your shipping department
    • Agent Code - leave blank, unless a code was provided by a ShippingEasy representative
  5. Select your store platform as Other.
  6. After you have provided your Account Information, you'll be asked to begin adding orders from your platform. You can select to upload one at a time by click the Add an Order button or several at once by selecting Upload a CSV.

  7. Click here to jump back to our account set up guide to finish registering your ShippingEasy account.


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