Can I use ShippingEasy if I can't integrate my store?

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Do you have a store on a platform that we don't currently support or have an export of CSV orders? No problem!

You can sign up with ShippingEasy and import your orders with a simple CSV upload tool or add orders one-at-a-time.

We also provide an open API so that you can integrate platforms which are not otherwise supported (so long as you have a developer of your own who can set this up). 

To register a ShippingEasy account without integrating a store:

  1. Head to our pricing page.

  2. Select a plan that best suits your business, and begin to register.

  3. After you have provided your Account Information, you'll be asked to indicate which platform you would like to integrate.  

  4. From the Platform drop down menu, select Other.  

  5. You will then see a field called Access Code.

    ShippingEasy conducts routine fraud verification checks for all customers using the software for manual or uploaded orders. Please email to get your 1-time access code to enter during registration. 

  6. Once you've entered the Access Code, click the blue Save & Continue button.

  7. Click here to jump back to our account set up guide to finish registering your ShippingEasy account.


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