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Welcome to ShippingEasy! To get started, log into ShippingEasy and visit our Welcome Page to walk through the crucial first steps of setting up your account. You'll also find guided content for establishing the basic and advanced settings in your account that can help you print labels, automate your process, and add insurance, among many more!

Below for a are a few of our favorite settings to help you as you along the way. Once you are logged in, the links below will take you to each settings page directly.


Basic Settings:


Shipping Labels
We support multiple label types and sizes. You can even test your print settings before you start printing purchased labels.
Packing Slips
You can print Packing Slips to easily see which items to pack into each order. Each order receives its own Packing Slip which can include the address details, item description, shipping method, customer comments, and more. Set them up to match your preferences.
Pick Lists
The Pick List combines the item information for all of the orders that you're shipping into one document. Choose to group the Pick List by Item to see the quantity of each item that you need to pull to fulfill all of your orders; or, you can group by Order to create a list of all of the Orders you're shipping and each of the items needed to fulfill the individual orders.


Custom Packages
If you use the same boxes, envelopes, or packing again and again, you can configure your custom packages. Then, when it comes time to ship, you will find all of your regular package types pre-loaded to save you valuable time. These can include dimensions and/or weights.
International Shipments Settings
If you ship similar items (eg. apparel or electronics or hardware), you can pre-assign a Description and Harmonized Code and we will pre-populate it on your Custom Forms. You can override it anytime. Set up your signature as well to save time.


Shipment Confirmation Email

Let your customers know their package is coming. Opt to automatically send a confirmation email as soon as you ship their order.

Buyer Return Shipping Email
This e-mail will only be sent if you ever need to purchase a return label for a customer. Once you purchase the return label in ShippingEasy, this e-mail will be sent to your customer with a PDF of the label attached so they can easily print it from home and send the package back to you.
Upload Your Logo
If you have the Branding Package, you can brand your Packing Slips and Shipment Confirmation E-mails by adding your logo. You can upload it per store connected to ensure that your customers recognize the branding that you've worked so hard to achieve.


Advanced Settings:


Quick Ship: Saved Presets
You can save the Carrier Service and Package Types together that you use most often to reduce the number of clicks that it takes you to generate the labels.
Order Categories Setup
Use Order Categories to color-code orders to easily distinguish certain groups. You apply the Category to your order (manually or automatically with a Shipping Rule) which flags the order in that color. Then, filter to that color Category on the ORDERS page to see only that group of orders.
Shipment Insurance
Automatically insure your shipments so you know that your orders are protected. Even if you only insure a specific type of order, you'll want to set this up so your packages are insured without any additional work on your end.
Shipping Rules
Shipping Rules is the ShippingEasy answer to mapping. Build Shipping Rules to match the patterns your typically run through manually when you're shipping. Use the simple "If" and "Then" statement to set Conditions and apply Actions to your orders when they sync into your ShippingEasy account.


Product Catalog
The Product Catalog is a personal database of the products you sell.  By entering your updated product information into the Product Catalog in ShippingEasy, you have the most updated product information on Packing Slips, Shipping Confirmation Emails, and on your shipping labels. It is an easy way to update your product information for shipping as it is released.
Product Categories Setup
A Product Category as a "Master SKU" to which you can assign products.  Product Categories expand the possibilities of shipping rules, allowing you to apply a single action to a broader range of products.


Subscription & Billing
Track your label use and update your subscription 24/7. When you get a new credit card, you'll want to update your billing information on this page to ensure that your subscription charge is run successfully. Additionally, you can adjust your subscription plan to adapt to your current shipping volume.
Customer Addresses
Add to your address book one at a time or upload many contacts at once. This is helpful if you generate lots of manual orders, but it's not necessary if all of your orders are syncing from your website. Remember, if we're automatically integrated to your store, we will pull all order information in automatically!
Email Templates
We know how important branding is, so ShippingEasy gives you the tools to tailor your Shipping Confirmation E-mail and Return Shipping E-mail templates to match your brand that you've worked so hard to build! Once you've created the template, remember to save it in your STORE settings so we know to use it!


Set up ConnectEasy for the fastest printing. ConnectEasy is a quick download that links our cloud-based solution to the printer that is downloaded on your computer - allowing you to set up printing tailored to your workflow. While ConnectEasy can help every shipper print labels, packing slips, and pick lists more quickly, you'll want to turn it on even if you're only printing labels.
USB Scale
Set up ConnectEasy for seemless integration of your scale with ShippingEasy. Dymo,, and Mettler-Toledo scales are supported.


Of course, this is just a starting point!

All of our customers have unlimited access to our 24.7 Knowledge Base: the ShippingEasy Support Center. This dynamic help center is full of frequently asked questions, easy to find information and endless images to simplify learning. If you are one of our FREE Starter plan customers, we are confident it will enable you to continue to take advantage of our completely FREE shipping software with support included.

If you would like access to support options beyond the ShippingEasy Support Center, please select a plan that offers your preferred support option such as email, live chat, or phone. Learn how you can upgrade your plan.


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