Am I locked into this plan?

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No, you can change your plan details at any time. Upgrades take place immediately. Downgrades take place at the end of your current billing period.

Monthly subscriptions are billed in advance, so the change in plan type will go into effect on the last day of your current billing period. This allows you to gain full value from the plan type paid for the current month.

ShippingEasy does not auto-downgrade accounts based on shifts in volume.

  1. To change your plan, navigate to the SETTINGS page. Click on SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
    settings user accounts - subscription.PNG

  2. In the middle of the page, click the link Change My Plan. 

  3. A pop up window with your plan selected will be appear. To change your plan, select the plan you wish by checking off the circle to the right of it. Changing your selection will automatically update the "Summary" details.  

  4. You may also wish to add or remove "Add Ons" such as additional stores, users or Quickbooks integration. You can select those options by scroll down under the plan selections.

  5. Review the "Summary" details. 

  6. Select Save.


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