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You're looking to get products to your customers quickly - and we've built a solution to make that easy!

It just takes a few minutes to create a new ShippingEasy account, and no credit card is required to explore the app.
Discover more time and explore the possibilities. Get started with 1-2-3!

(1) Start your FREE trial

Signing up for ShippingEasy just takes a couple minutes and there's no credit card required up front. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to start exploring ShippingEasy's tools and features.

To create your ShippingEasy account:
  1. Navigate to ShippingEasy's website at
  2. Click the green Start 30-day FREE Trial button.
  3. Provide some basic details about your business.


    • Your Company Name - this will be the name of your account
    • Email Address - for account-related communications, this will also be your username
    • Password - pick a secured password to protect your data
    • Phone Number - provide the best contact for your shipping department
    • Agent Code - leave blank, unless a code was provided by a ShippingEasy representative
    • Store Platform - select the name of your primary sales channel, or "Other"
    • Shipments per month - select the range that best describes your projected sales volume, we'll use this to match you with the plan that's best suited to your business
  4. Select the green Start Shipping button and start exploring!
Navigating your ShippingEasy account:
  1. Right away, you'll find that you can navigate between most pages in the app, but that some features are still missing. Before you can start shipping, you'll need to setup your stores and connect your carrier accounts. Near the top of most pages, the ACCOUNT SETUP PROGRESS bar will help you through these final steps.
    Also notice that your free trial has started. We'll continue to remind you how much longer you have to test out ShippingEasy for free and when you're first subscription payment (plus applicable taxes, if any) is due. Keep in mind that if you do not provide your credit card, we'll never bill you for your account. However, you won't be able to purchase postage until you provide a valid payment method.

  2. At the top of each page is the blue navigation bar. Use this to move around in ShippingEasy.

    Learn more about ShippingEasy by exploring our page guides:
    • Settings

(2) Connect your stores and download orders

  1. From the ACCOUNT SETUP PROGRESS bar, select Connect stores & download orders.
  2. Select your store from the Platform drop down menu. Learn how to complete account set up if your store does not integrate with ShippingEasy.store_set_up_free_trial.PNG
    Find our platform-specific integration guides by clicking any of the highlighted platform names below:
  3. Click the blue Save button.
  4. We will pre-fill your email and phone number to your "Store Info".
    In this section, you can set up the following:
    • Display product options: opt to sync your product options (ex: size, color, flavor) with your orders
    • Disable Automatic Order Downloads: Only download orders into ShippingEasy manually.
    • Disable Automatic Product Catalog Uploads
      Note: automatically uploading to Product Catalog is only supported on select selling platforms.
    • Set a new logo: as part of the Branding package, your logo will display on emails and packing slips.  Learn more.

  5. Complete the "Shipping Address" information. This is the address that will be used as your default return address and for purposes of calculating postage.
    NOTE: you can add more ship from addresses after you complete registration. Learn more.

  6. Enable the order statuses you would like pulled in from your store.
  7. Fill out the "Communication" section to reflect how you would like to interact with your customers. Here you can:
    • Send Shipping Confirmation: opt to send an email to your customers after postage is purchased for their order. Confirmation emails can be further customized after you complete registration.  Learn more.
    • Select Shipping Confirmation Email Template
    • Send Buyer Return Shipping Email
    • Select Return Shipping Email Template
    • Send Copy of Buyer Return Emails to: opt to receive a copy of your customer's email.  Include the email address where you want the CCed emails sent.
    • Buyer Email Reply-To: designate a specific email address to receive your customers' shipment inquiries.  
    • Packing slip message: will display at the foot of your default packing slips.  Packing slips can be further customized after you complete registration.  Learn more.

    • Click the blue Save button.


(3) Setup your carrier accounts and start shipping!

  1. From the ACCOUNT SETUP PROGRESS bar, select Set up to buy labels. This is the final step to fully experience your 30-day free trial and will require you to input your credit card. Even if you choose our Free Starter plan, you will still need to provide a credit card. Learn more.  
  2. Add your "Payment Information".  
  3. We will pre-fill your "Billing Information" using your shipping address. Verify that this is correct billing address for the credit card that you will use.  
  4. Review the "Plan Summary" and select the plan from the drop down menu that best fits your monthly shipping volume. You'll always have the option to change your plan if your future volume changes. Learn more.
    The plan you select today will determine your first bill and what features and postage rates are available to you. Learn more about each plan.
  5. Click the green Start Shipping button.
  6. We will also automatically configure your Endicia postage account.  Learn more about Endicia and what USPS rates are available with ShippingEasy.  Click and read through the USPS Postage provider link. Then check that I agree.
  7. We'll give you confirmation that your account set up was successful.  If we ran into any problems, we'll let you know. Learn more about the error Your Endicia postage account could not be created.
  8. Click the Start Shipping Now button to log into your account.

If you have problems that require extra assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.
  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist.

  • All accounts will see links for additional resources in the upper left corner in app:

    New accounts trialing on a paid plan (Basic and above) will see links to email or call our Sales Team.


    Fully registered accounts on a paid plan (Basic and above) will see links to email, call, or chat our Customer Success team.


    Accounts trialing or registered on the free Starter plan will see a quick link to our Support Center.




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