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You're looking to get products to your customers quickly - and we've built a solution to make that easy!

It just takes a few minutes to create a new ShippingEasy account, and no credit card is required to explore the app.
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Signing up for ShippingEasy just takes a couple minutes and there's no credit card required up front. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to start exploring ShippingEasy's tools and features.

  1. Navigate to ShippingEasy's website at
  2. Click the green Try it for free button.
  3. Provide some basic details about your business.

    • Your Company Name - this will be the name of your account
    • Enter your email - for account-related communications, this will also be your username
    • Create a password - pick a secured password to protect your data
    • Enter your phone number - provide the best contact for your shipping department
    • Agent Code - leave blank, unless a code was provided by a ShippingEasy representative
  4. Select your store platform. If your store type is not shown among the graphic buttons, then expand the menu to Select from all platforms.
    TIP: if you do not see your platform listed, select Other.
  5. Tell us your average monthly shipments. Select the range that best describes your projected sales volume, we'll use this to match you with the plan that's best suited to your business.
  6. Select the blue Start Now button and start exploring!

Navigating your ShippingEasy account

Right away, you'll see ShippingEasy's navigation bar at the top of the page. Use this to move around the app.
Learn more about ShippingEasy by exploring our page guides.


As you explore, you may notice that some features are missing. Before you can start shipping, you'll need to set up a few things. To help with that, we provide a WELCOME page.


You can return here at anytime during your first month.
Click the WELCOME tab on the navigation bar or Finish setup button at the top of the page.


Also notice that your free trial has started. This is how much longer you have to test out ShippingEasy for free. It's also a reminder about when you're first subscription payment (plus applicable taxes, if any) is due.

Keep in mind, if you do not provide your credit card, we'll never bill you. However, you also won't be able to purchase postage until you provide a valid payment method.

(1) Add orders

ShippingEasy provides two ways to enter your orders from the WELCOME page:

  • Connect a store and sync orders automatically
  • Add manual orders

The ADD ORDERS page will walk you through both of these options.


If you...

  • Selected a primary store platform during registration: click the blue Connect button.
  • Prefer to connect a different store type: click the blue arrow button to select a different store.
  • If you don't have a store to connect: click the blue Create a manual order link.

With each option, follow the prompts to connect your store or add orders.

Continue adding your stores and orders until all your platforms are connected and unshipped orders have been saved.


Then click I'm done adding orders. Step 1 is now complete! It's time to select a label layout.


(2) Select a label layout

ShippingEasy supports a range of domestic label sizes and formats. The option you select will depend on your printer:

  • Label printers: use thermal label paper, already cut to size. Ex: Zebra and DYMO
  • Traditional printers: use 8.5"x11" paper, commonly with adhesive cut-outs (Avery, OL). Ex: laser and inkjet

It is also possible to print packing slips in tandem with labels, or save paper with multiple labels per page.

The most common domestic label formats are shown on the SELECT A LABEL LAYOUT page.

Click the layout your printer uses.


If you need a different format, click the option to View more advanced options.
Additional domestic label formats will be shown. Select the layout that best matches your printer.


NOTE: to setup your international label (customs form) layout, check out our step-by-step guide.

Once you've made your selection, click the Save & Continue button.


Step 2 is now complete! It's time to add shipping carriers.


(3) Add shipping carrier

ShippingEasy requires a USPS postage account. Included with all ShippingEasy subscriptions, it's free to open! Creating your USPS postage account will enable you to start buying labels and shipping out orders.

Once you've created the USPS account, you'll have the option to connect your own FedEx and/or UPS account. This allows you to access your negotiated rates with these additional carriers.

Click the Create USPS Account button to register a new USPS account. Learn more.

Review your "Contact Information" and enter payment details into the "Credit Card Authorization".

NOTE: this credit card will be used to purchase USPS postage.


A modal will appear asking to verify your account by text or by phone. Select one and enter a number that can directly receive a phone call or text.

When you receive your code you can continue with account registration.

If you selected a ShippingEasy paid plan, this credit card will also be used for your monthly subscription.

Remember, you'll have a month to try out ShippingEasy before being billed for your plan.

Within the "ShippingEasy Plan" section, verify that the selected plan matches your estimated monthly volume. If you end up shipping more or less than expected, you can always update your ShippingEasy plan. Learn more.


Once you are done, click the Finish Account Setup button.

Now you can add your FedEx Carrier Account and UPS Carrier Account. Click either link to get started.


When you have finished connecting shipping providers, click the I'm done adding carriers button.

Step 3 is now complete! Now you can customize your account or just start shipping!


ShippingEasy Add-Ons (Optional)

Once you've completed the WELCOME checklist, you have the basics that you need to start shipping. However, you can take your e-commerce business to the next level by adding ShippingEasy's platform of solutions. Add-on features for Customer Marketing and Inventory Management will give your business the edge it needs to successfully grow in today's online market. Either can be added to your FREE 31-day trial.

Tick the box next to the add-ons and click Continue to start shipping!


Start Shipping

You've set up the essentials to start shipping! Click Start Shipping to view your orders and print labels.


If you're not sure what else to do, check out the Help Center for more feature recommendations.


If you have problems that require extra assistance, please reach out to our team.

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