Troubleshoot: USPS didn't pick up my packages when scheduled

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Failed package pick up is a frustrating experience for any shipper. If your pick up failed due to an invalid phone number or other address error, you can correct the issue and generate a new label on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more.

On occasion, you'll have done everything right and the pick up will still fail. When that happens, we will alert you on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page with a Pickup Request Failed notice next to the order. Hover your mouse over the message to see the error.

If you are still experiencing trouble getting your packages picked up, here are a few troubleshooting steps to try:

Did you advance the ship date to the next available pick up day?

Package pick up can only be schedule for the next available pick up day. If you see a message such as NOTE: Pickup only offered if ship date is 10/29, then you'll need to select the specified date on the pick up calendar.

pickup only offered after date.PNG

Did you check the option to Request a Pick Up?

Checking this option tells ShippingEasy to send the pick up request to USPS.
request a pickup.PNG

Does SHIPMENT HISTORY display the shipment as scheduled for pickup?

When a pick up is successfully schedule for a package, we'll display a message in your SHIPMENT HISTORY confirming the pending pick up.

Do you have a phone number saved to the SHIP FROM ADDRESSES used as the return address?

USPS requires a phone number in order to provide the package pick up service. You'll need to save this phone number by going to SETTINGS >> SHIP FROM ADDRESSES. Click the pencil icon to the right of each address that you use for USPS shipments and add a valid phone number.

Then Save the changes. Future labels will have this phone number associated with the pick up request.

Did USPS and/or Endicia receive your pickup request?

If the scheduled pickup is free from the above errors, follow the steps below to confirm the pickup request was received by USPS and/or Endicia.

  1. On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, located the order with the scheduled pickup and hover the mouse over the icon in front of the words Pickup Scheduled. An info bubble with appear with the pickup confirmation number in it.

  2. Access USPS Schedule a Pickup tool and select Make changes to a Scheduled Pickup in the upper-right quadrant.

  3. Enter the corresponding information and click the Edit Pickup button.

    • If the confirmation number is recognized, USPS has received the pickup request. You can call 1-800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777), or your local Post Office for further information.
    • If the confirmation number is not recognized by USPS, follow the next two steps to confirm the pickup request was received by Endicia.
      1. Log into the your corresponding Endicia account. Learn more.
      2. From there, check My Account > Reports > Package Pickup History.


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