Why is my rate showing $0?

If your rate is showing $0 on the READY TO SHIP page, it may be the result of a couple of common causes - either the required information is missing from the order or you have selected a consolidator service.

If you are experiencing problems getting a Rate Quote on the ORDERS page, you can find solutions to common issues in our FAQ Guide.

Missing information:

Have you selected a Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging?

The Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging are required fields and must be selected in order for you to receive a rate quote.

Have you entered a weight and package dimensions?

Many Carrier Services and/or Packaging require that you enter weight and dimensions. If you have selected a Custom or Saved package, be sure that the correct dimensions have been added on the PACKAGE SETUP page. Learn more about custom packages.
After entering or updating new measurements, click the Update button to refresh the rate quote.

Are the Shipping Addresses complete?

Click the shipping addresses to expand for more details. Click the Edit link next to either address to view the details or make updates.

Ship From:

The Ship From address is derived from your STORE ADDRESSES but may be assigned per a number of different methods. Learn more about how addresses are assigned to orders. You may need to edit the Ship From address by going to SETTINGS >> STORE ADDRESSES to correct any address errors.

If you receive the error: "Carrier unable to provide a rate quote" make sure you have a phone number listed in Account Details. Learn how to update the Account Details.

Ship To:

The Ship To address may be missing key information, especially if it is a military, territory, or international-bound order.

  • Military: confirm that the address is formatted correctly. Learn about formatting military addresses.
  • Territory: confirm that the country is set to the United States and that the territory is selected from the State drop-down menu.
  • International: confirm that the country is set to an option listed in the drop-down menu and that the City and Province are both entered.

Consolidator services:

If you have selected a consolidator service, the rate will always display as $0.



You say "Many Carrier Services and/or Packaging require that you enter weight and dimensions." but I can't find anywhere on the order to add dimensions, and the weight is defined at the line item level rather than the whole package. 

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Hi Erbos, 

The PACKAGE SETUP page is a database for your frequently used packages. Enter the dimensions, give them a name, and find them in the Packaging menu next time you go to ship. Learn more.

Combine multiple clicks by creating a Saved Selection - a setting that lets you quickly recall a favorite combination of Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging. Learn more.

Shipping Rules complete the automation by assigning your packaging and Saved Selection based on criteria you specify. Learn more.

For those with single item orders, the Product Catalog is also a handy way to assign dimensions based on product SKUs. Learn more.

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