Printing Problem - Hardware and Software | Troubleshoot

To help you resume your workflow quickly, we've compiled a list of questions to help troubleshoot common printer problems you may encounter.


Is your printer plugged into both the power outlet and your computer?

Please be sure that your hardware is properly configured.

Is your printer turned on?

Just for good measure, double check that your printer is powered on.

Have you tried restarting your computer?

A quick reboot is often just what a computer needs.

Are you printing with a DYMO, Zebra or Rollo thermal printer?

We have specialized troubleshooting guides for these popular thermal printers:


Have you recently updated your ShippingEasy document settings?

Any changes to your settings will be reflected in documents created after the settings were changed.  Any label, packing slip, or pick list that you generated before updating your settings will retain the previous settings.  Try regenerating these documents to see if the new settings are properly applied.  If you still have problems, consider the following solutions.

Are there any available updates for your software?

Adobe Reader: ShippingEasy generates files in a PDF format. This requires that Adobe Reader is functioning optimally. Learn more.

Browser: All browsers update their software from time to time. ShippingEasy is optimized for Chrome, but many shippers use Firefox with good success. We do not recommend Explorer. Updating to the latest version ensures the browser's features are working at their best. Click through each name for their update guide:

ConnectEasy:  ConnectEasy is a program that integrates your printer directly with ShippingEasy.  ShippingEasy releases new versions of ConnectEasy from time to time.  So, if you are printing via ConnectEasy, please check that you have the latest version installed. Learn more.

Are their any available software updates for your printer?

Printer software is updated from time to time.  Check with your manufacturer for the latest software updates for your printer.

Is your browser using Adobe to open the PDF?

Since PDFs open and print best via Adobe Reader, make sure that your browser is using Adobe to open the files.  Learn more.

Have you installed ConnectEasy and your print jobs are not being received?

If you have just installed ConnectEasy: Make sure that you've completed the installation.  The first time you launch ConnectEasy, you'll be prompted for login credentials.  Find these in ShippingEasy, by going to SETTINGS >> CONNECTEASY.

If ConnectEasy has been fully configured and your documents are not printing: A quick restart will reset the system and resolve most printing problems. Learn more.

If you have a more advanced configuration of networked printers: Review our FAQ guide for using ConnectEasy.


Still having printing problems?

Reach our to our Customer Success team with the following information:

  • What printer are you using?
  • What browser are you printing from?
  • What operating system are you running?
  • Is your printer integrated with ShippingEasy via ConnectEasy or the Java Applet?
  • Have you received an error from any software?
  • An example order or document that is not printing correctly from ShippingEasyPrinter model
  • A brief description of what steps you took to print the document



Does ShippingEasy plan on creating a way for ConnectEasy to allow for one click shipping on a second username?  It doesn't make sense that one username can have one click shipping on one label printer but a second username cannot do one click shipping resulting in a lot of wasted time.

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My company operates on a Yahoo/Aabaco platform and when we update order status for the customer (i.e. you can select timeframes on when an order may ship... "ships within 24 business hours", "ships in 2-3 days", etc.).

Once we tag an order with a timeframe, an email is generated to the customer with the shipping timeframe.  Once we do this, when the order is ready to ship, shippingeasy will not allow you to ship this order (stating that it has been cleared).  Is this something that Shippingeasy is aware of.  This doesn't make sense and results in two things:


1) we either don't tag the timeframe (i.e. "shipping in 24 business hours", etc.) which is bad customer service since the customer doesn't receive an update

2) same as one but we waste a lot of time manually creating an email to notify the customer of the timeframe

3) we do tag the shipping timeframe resulting in not being able to pull up the original information in ShippingEasy and we either create a manual shipment in shippingeasy which is also a waste of time or we use a back-up shipping portal (i.e. shipworks,, etc.) which is not ideal.

Is this an issue that ShippingEasy is aware of and if yes, is there a timeframe to resolve this issue?

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Hello Roy, 

I'm happy to help you with your questions today. 

It looks like your second username doesn't have ConnectEasy enabled. This is something that you would need to set up in order to be able to Print Now on your second account to access. You can click here for the steps to do this! 

As for the issue you're seeing with your Yahoo orders, when you select the "Will Ship" option, we either cannot sync the orders, or if we they've already been synced and they are updated the orders will clear. This is something that would need to be submitted as a feature request here

In the meantime, you can also work around this by creating a rule for these orders. That rule would look something like: IF store equals Yahoo THEN Apply green category and select to "Send to Ready to Ship page". Once an order is on the Ready to Ship page, it cannot be cleared from your account. Click here more information on creating rules. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions! 

Thank you, 

Shea M.

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Dymo labelwriter twin turbo just started printing address labels on the stamp side. I can't find the option to change it to the other side. Help!

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I am using Canon printer. my printer's indicator was flashing a light in specific pattern. i manually searched but did not find any solution. then i contact Canon phone number they told me some easy steps to uninstall my canon software and re- install it and after that my printer is okay. in future if i face any of issues that you have mention in your post i will try your steps. thanks. 

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Hi Linda and Mona,

Thank you for your messages. 

We have not been able to locate your ShippingEasy accounts so if you still need assistance, please email us at with your company name and any corresponding information so we can troubleshoot further.  Thank you!

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