Why don't my labels print correctly on my Zebra printer?

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If you notice your labels look small or blurry on your Zebra LP2844 Printer, follow the steps below to change the size and clarity of the label. 

This is the default setup:


Here are the steps for changing this setup:

  1. Go to START  and click on DEVICES AND PRINTERS.


  2. Right-click the ZDesigner LP2844 and go to Printing preferences.


  3. Select the Stocks tab and then New.


  4. This allows you to enter different custom options for your label.

    We've named this stock "4x6" because we've set the Label Width to 4 inches and the Label Height to 6 inches. However, you can input any name or label size.

    We've also changed Darkness to 13 and Speed to 2. These are the best settings for a clear label.

    Click OK.


  5. Now, under the Options tab, click Stocks in the dialog box.  You'll see the option to select "4x6" in the drop-down menu, which will enable us to use the "4x6" printer label setting we just saved. 


  6. Since we applied the "4x6" as our default, we'll now see it fill the Stocks field in our dialog box. It'll look like this:


That's it! Now your labels will be bigger and print with more clarity!


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    Daniel Blumentritt

    This does not work. Even after changing the stock and clicking apply, all programs when I set to print with Zebra ZP 450 automatically have it set to 4.5 x 11 and "user defined" stock. It is apparently impossible to change the default, which is quite frustrating as EVERY time I want to print a label, I have to go into print properties to manually tell it to just this once print the way the default is supposedly set anyway.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Daniel - Thanks for posting with the details of your situation.

    This sounds like an issue with the settings on your computer. However, it's possible that resetting your printer to factory conditions and/or reinstalling your drivers can help prevent you from getting stuck in this loop. I've included a couple resources for you:

    Once you've restored your printer to factory settings and updated the driver, please try changing the stock again.

    Edited by Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]
  • Avatar
    Fred Hajjar

    WORKED!! Great article

  • Avatar
    Nuran Artinian

    Thank you very much. It WORKED WONDERFULLY!! I had to buy a new computer (my old computer's hard drive failed) and with the new computer my labels were not printing correctly. I tried so many ways and nothing worked. I was thinking of purchasing a new one already. The solution posted here made it simple and easy. Thanks again for posting it :)

  • Avatar
    Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Fred and Nuran,

    Thank you for your posts!

    We're so glad to hear these tips helped you!  If you have any other questions arise that cannot be answered with a quick search of our Knowledge Base, please post in our forum for assistance:  

    Community - Questions & Answers

    Happy shipping!

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    Brad Preston

    I have not had any luck with this.  I am very frustrated.  I can not go above width 2.99 height is ok at 2.25.  I am wanting t use 4 x 2.25 labels.  I attempted to use a smaller label but have decided to go back to this size which works best for me.  What am I doing wrong?  I am attempting to print landscape.



  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Brad and thank you for posting to our Support Center.

    Unfortunately the smallest label size currently supported in ShippingEasy is 4" x 5". The link below describes all the label sizes we currently support.

    What label size should I use?

    While you may be able to scale your labels down to some extent, I suspect trying to reduce a 4 x 5 label to 4 x 2.25 may require too much scaling and result in unusable/unreadable labels.

    If your printer supports a large size label, we would strongly recommend trying one of those, or if possible, use a label printer that supports 4 x 5, 4 x6, or 4 x 8 label sizes.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Brad Preston

    The problem is it did work for me before I made adjustments.  I had to try to make some other smaller labels using a Excel template.  Now I can't get it to go back.  My label dimensions are 4" long and 2.25 wide.  


    Update:  I had another file I tried that and it works.  So disregard and thanks for your help.

    Edited by Brad Preston
  • Avatar
    Md Zafar

    Dear Sir 

    i purchased Zebra GC420t Model label Printer

    my Paper roll size height 30 mm width 45 mm.

    when i printed laber after 2-3 label paper margin or gap increase and miss printing.

    please give the full setting to resolve the problem of miss printing

  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello MD Zafar and thank you for posting to our support center.

    Currently ShippingEasy is only able to support 4x5", 4x6" and 4x8" labels. That is explained further in the link below.

    What label size should I use?

    Unfortunately, if your labels are 30mm by 45mm, they will not be able to contain a full label printed from ShippingEasy. We would recommend loading your printer with one of the label sizes listed above for better results.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar

    I'm using ConnectEasy and a Zebra 500, and when I print, it has what it looks like 1-inch margins on left, right, and top. I can't find any settings anywhere, either in the ConnectEasy applet, or on Windows to specifiy the margin settings. They should be 0

  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Spencer, and thank you for posting to our support center.

    Have you checked the "Unprintable Area" settings within your Zebra printing preferences within Windows?

    If those are all set to 0, can you download a PDF label to your computer and try printing directly from there to see if it still prints with a margin?

    This link explains: How to: Generate a PDF when ConnectEasy is enabled

    If the PDF label printed from your computer still prints with a the unwanted margins, we would recommend checking your Zebra documentation or reaching out to Zebra support directly to see if they can assist with adjusting your Zebra printer margins.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Hi Jacen, thanks for answering. I figured it out after about 100 wasted labels, lol.

    My preferences in ShippingEasy Label Settings was set to 4x8 instead of 4x6. I think changing it to 4x6 fixed the problem but I'm not positive.

    However, the reason it took me so long and so many wasted labels was because I kept using existing, already created orders, as tests to see if anything changed. I was just reprinting the old orders' labels. But it was frustrating because nothing ever worked. It turns out I had to create a new order first, and then the labels printed correctly (after I changed that 4x8 setting to 4x6 I presume). Anyways, just a heads up in case someone asks about this again.

    Bottom line: Make sure you set 4x6 in your ShipEasy settings, and generate a NEW label for testing.

    **PS - It sure would be nice if the ConnectEasy page had a test label option!

    Edited by Spencer
  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Spencer, and thank you for the response.

    I'm happy to hear you were able to resolve the issue but also concerned with the effort it required. 

    While our Label settings page does provide an option for test labels as explained in the link below, unfortunately ConnectEasy does not include that currently.

    Print a test label

    I'm very sorry our Label settings page does not warn you that any changes will only apply to newly purchased labels, but I have forwarded a request to our Product Team in hopes that might be added in the future.

    Thanks again and happy shipping!

  • Avatar
    omar ADA_HANIFI

    hi, i have a problem with paper format. i want my label to be printed as landscape but no luck

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