How can I improve the print quality of my labels in Chrome?

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Although ShippingEasy recommends that our customers use Google Chrome when printing labels through the app, some may notice that the labels don't print quite as clearly as they'd like. This is most often due to the PDF viewer that is being used to open the PDF of the label and send it to the printer. We've found that our customers print the clearest labels when using Adobe Reader. 

You'll want to make sure that you have the latest Adobe Reader on your computer. Check this here. The link will point you towards the best Abode Reader for your system. If you've got Adobe Reader for your system, check to make sure it is working properly with these steps:

  1. Open Adobe Reader. From the HELP menu, select "Repair Adobe Reader Installation". Allow Adobe to do its thing and try reprinting the label. This repair function is essentially allowing Adobe Reader to re-sync with your browser.


  2. Check to see if there are any updates available for the Adobe Reader program. From the HELP menu, select “Check for updates”. Download any updates that appear.

    label screenshot check for updates.jpg

  3.  Next, you'll want to disable the Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer to allow Abode Reader to take charge of opening the PDFs of your labels. When you're in Chrome, select the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the browser and choose "About Google Chrome".

    about google chrome selected.png

  4. The browser will likely check for updates. If there are updates available for your browser, feel free to download them! 
  5. Once you're certain that Google Chrome is up to date, enter "chrome://plugins" to the URL box at the top of the page. This page shows you the plug-ins that are being used within Chrome.

    address bar chrome plugins.PNG
  6. You'll want to make sure that the Chrome PDF Viewer is shown as Disabled (the blue link will show as Enable) and that Adobe Reader is Enabled (the blue link will show as Disable). 


This process will ensure that the PDFs of your labels are being opened with Adobe Reader and allow them to print clearly. 

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    Hazel Choi

    I have the Zebra ZP 450 thermal printer and I have looked though all the forms on it to try and fix the blurry printing/off size of my labels. I even looked on youtube to try and find a video and nothing is working.

    Im on a PC with Windows 10. My whole computer just got updated at work so I had to set everything back up. Before all of this my printer was printing just fine. Now that I have everything back up and running again it's just been printing nothing but blurry labels. 

    When print from UPS it prints just fine... but when I print USPS labels is gets ugly. None of the forms have helped. I even looked at the comments left in response to other people with the same problem... but none of it has worked for me.

    I cant even get far enough to fix something recommended because my settings are different. For example, I tried doing this with Chrom, but when ever I type in the plugins thing to my browser is says page no longer working... So then I can't even finish trying to fix it.

    Or when I tried fixing the settings through Zebra ZP 450 CTP printing preferences it says to add a new stock and what not... but in my preferences it doesn't even give me that option... I don't know what to do?

    When I print out the label in my normal inc printer the label comes out just fine on normal paper... but when I try to do it on my labels is comes out blurry and horrible. What is going on? Help?

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