Release Notes thru 2018-01-09


  • Added integration support for Squarespace.
    • The integration features the ability to:
      • Download unshipped Squarespace orders to ShippingEasy.
      • Update shipment data to Squarespace once the order is shipped.
      • Update inventory levels within ShippingEasy based on Product SKUs found in Squarespace orders. Learn more about one-way inventory syncing.
    • Only stores on the Squarespace "Advanced Store" plan can integrate with ShippingEasy.
    • Squarespace currently uses a beta API. As such, an API key is needed. This can be obtained by contacting ShippingEasy's Customer Success team. Find links in the top left corner of ShippingEasy.

    Learn more:


  • Updated the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page. Now the deprecated Endicia First Class account is no longer displayed. Learn more.
  • Enhanced system that processes CSV uploads. The result is faster orders, products, and customers uploads.
  • Changed the maximum characters allowed on USPS labels. Specifically for USPS international shipments using the PS Form 2976. Find out which services require the PS Form 2976. Address Lines 1 and 2 now allow a maximum of 47 characters. Learn more about character limits on USPS labels.
  • Enhanced WooCommerce REST integration. Specifically to better support workflows in which orders are moved from non-syncable to syncable states. Learn more about using WooCommerce with ShippingEasy.
  • Enhanced application security.
  • Resolved an issue seen when previewing Packing Slips. Specifically when the 8.5"x11" portrait, with combined label, is configured to display Product Recommendations. Now, the Packing Slip preview matches the print output. Learn more about adding Product Recommendations to Packing Slips.
  • Resolved a problem on the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page. Specifically regarding the Reconnect button for Endicia accounts. Now, clicking the Reconnect button opens a modal. The modal prompts the user for the Endicia Account Pass Phrase.
  • Resolved errors seen on the ADD PRODUCT CATEGORY page.
    • Specifically when the new Product Category has a name longer than 255 characters. Now, the page displays an error message when the Name field exceeds the limit.
    • Specifically when accessed via the Product Categories breadcrumbs, then the Add Category button. Now, the page displays an empty form.
  • Resolved a messaging error seen when registering a new ShippingEasy account. Specifically if the Endicia postage account could not be created. Now, the Congratulations modal indicates that setup of the postage account failed. Learn more.
  • Resolved issues seen when uploading a customer CSV file, on the UPLOAD CUSTOMERS page.
    • Specifically when the "Skip Address Verification" option is selected on the column mapping page. Now, each address included in the upload has the "Skip Address Verification" checkbox checked on the verification page.
    • Incorrect help text has been removed from the UPLOAD CUSTOMERS page.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved a problem updating Volusion Product stock levels. Specifically when Volusion orders were shipping in a system other than ShippingEasy. Now, any inventory that was committed for these orders is released.
  • Resolved an error calculating the Total Wholesale Price. Specifically in the Complete Shipping Report and the Shipping Margin Report. Now, the Total Wholesale Price is calculated using the correct SKU quantity. Learn more about reports.
  • Resolved an error loading the SUPPLIERS page. Specifically when navigating to the SUPPLIERS page immediately after filtering the PRODUCTS page. Now, the SUPPLIERS page is displayed correctly.
  • Resolved an issue seen after emailing a Purchase Order. Now, once the Purchase Order email has been sent, the PURCHASE ORDER page will be displayed.
Customer Marketing:
  • Enhanced the Product Recommendations feature. Learn more.
    • Specifically when a Bundled Product is included in an order. Now, the component Products of the bundle will not be included in the Product Recommendations for that order.
    • Specifically when aliases exist for the Products included in an order. Now, those aliases will not be included in the Product Recommendations for that order.
  • Enhanced the Order Details on the ORDERS page. Specifically for orders that qualify for an Automated Campaign. Now, the Order Details will display the name of the Automated Campaign and the matching conditions. Learn more about Order Details.
  • Updated guidelines for billable email credits. Now, individual emails sent to a single buyer, from the CUSTOMER DETAILS page, no longer deduct one email credit. Learn how to send emails to individual buyers.
  • Updated modal that is displayed when adding Customer Marketing to the account's subscription. If the user is not the account owner, an error message is displayed alongside an option to schedule a demo. Only the account owner can add Customer Marketing to the subscription. Learn more.
  • Updated the error messaging on the CUSTOMERS page. Specifically when attempting to send an email to more than a page worth of Customer entries. This action is not supported and was previously indicated by an error message in a modal. Now the error message is shown in a red box at the top of the page.
  • Resolved issues with data on the Campaign Results page. Now, all the totals are correctly calculated. Learn more about viewing Campaign results.
  • Resolved a display glitch on the CUSTOMERS page. Specifically when the "Order Date" filter is applied. Now the filter boxes are correctly displayed.
  • Resolved a display glitch on the GLOBAL RECOMMENDATIONS page. Specifically when viewed on Internet Explorer 11. Now, the selected Products are correctly displayed.
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