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ShippingEasy integrates with Squarespace to process and fulfill orders automatically. Our platform works with Squarespace's Orders API available in the Commerce Advanced plan. Follow the steps below to connect your Squarespace account.

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If you are setting up a ShippingEasy account for the first time

  1. When setting up a new ShippingEasy account, you will be directed to start adding orders by integrating a store. To being the store integration process, click on the button to Import from Store.
  2. Next, you will fill in your store's credentials. Squarespace will be populated in the Store Platform dropdown.
  3. Complete your store integration by adding your store's credentials. These steps are outlined in the third section of this article.

If you are connecting your Squarespace store to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Go to the SETTINGS tab and click on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION section.

  2. Once there, click on the + Add New button on the side of the screen.
  3. From the Platform drop-down menu, select Squarespace. Complete your store integration by adding your Squarespace.

Once you are prompted for your Squarespace:

  1. It's time to locate your API Key within your Squarespace account.
  2. Open another browser window and log in to your Squarespace account.
  3. Once logged into Squarespace, in the lower-left corner of your account click SETTINGS.
  4. Under the WEBSITE section, click Advanced.
  5. Under ADVANCED, click Developer API Keys.
  6. Click the Generate Key button.
  7. Within the App Name field, type "ShippingEasy". Under API KEY SCOPE, check Orders.
  8. Click Next.
  9. The API Key will be displayed. Copy this value.
  10. Navigate back to ShippingEasy. On the NEW STORE page, paste it into the API Key field.
  11. Click the Save button and you're done!

That's it! Your Squarespace store is now connected to ShippingEasy!


If you have problems that require extra assistance, please reach out to our team.

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