CSV Customer Marketing Upload: Column mapping - required fields & explanations

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ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing feature allows for you to upload your Customer information via CSV file. Learn more.

Use this guide to understand each field when creating and mapping your CSV file. Download a sample CSV file.

* Fields marked in red are required. First and Last Name fields are required if Full Name is not provided.

ShippingEasy Column

Column Definition

*Full Name Full name of Customer contact.
First Name First name of Customer contact. Only required if Full Name is not specified.
Last Name Last name of Customer contact. Only required if Full Name is not specified.
Company Company name of Customer contact.
Address Line 1 Street address of the Customer contact.
Address Line 2 Atl. Street address of the Customer contact.
City City of the Customer contact.
State/Province State or Province of the Customer contact. Standard abbreviations are recommended.
Country Country name for the Customer contact. If country is not specified, ShippingEasy will automatically assign United States.
Zip code Zip code of the Customer contact.
* Email Email address of Customer contact.
Phone Phone number of Customer contact.
Tags Assign data to Customer contact. Pipe "|" separated list. Ex: newsletter|referral


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