What are Product Recommendations?

Many Product Recommendation tools are visible to all ShippingEasy users. We welcome you to
explore the Customer Marketing solution and discover new ways to reach customers.

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing makes it easy for you to turn first time buyers into repeat customers. Learn more about Customer Marketing.

Product Recommendations are one of the best ways to introduce your customers to other products that might interest them. This feature works in two phases:

  1. Select which products you want to recommend to your customers. Learn more.
  2. Apply a variable in your templates in order to showcase those recommended products. Learn more.

You can choose to feature products on packing slips, shipment notification emails, and automated emails.

Selecting Product Recommendations:

Global Recommendations

The products selected for recommendation are taken from a list of globally recommended products that you prioritize. This allows you to easily highlight specific products.

Randomized Recommendations

Limiting product recommendations to order specific details will sometimes result in no eligible products found in the prioritized global list of recommendations. However, ShippingEasy can be configured to add randomized product recommendations. That way, if the global priority list is searched and not enough recommendations are found, you can include and exclude products from a set of randomized recommendations.

Learn more about the difference between global and random recommendations.

Promoting Products on Emails and Packing Slips:

NOTE: all ShippingEasy users can select product recommendations. Only Customer Marketing subscribers can add the recommendations to emails and packing slips. Learn how to subscribe.

Product recommendations can be displayed on packing slips, shipment notification emails, and automated emails. By default, three recommended products are displayed to the buyer.

Since product recommendations are made as part of notifying a buyer about an order, ShippingEasy can use the information from that order to limit the recommended products to those which are only sold in the same store and which are not listed in the current order.

Learn more about customizing communications with product recommendations.


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