Release Notes thru 2017-11-14


Inventory Management:
  • Added ability to Import Products from BigCommerce stores. It is now faster to update the Products catalog and Stock levels with BigCommerce listings. Learn more.
Customer Management:
  • Added the ability to promote Product Recommendations. Product Recommendations enable merchants to easily highlight specific Products and generate new sales.
    • Images of recommended Products can be displayed on Packing Slips, Shipment Notification Emails, and Automated Campaigns.
    • Recommendations are made as part of notifying a buyer about an order. So they are limited to Products which are only sold in the same store, but are not listed in the current order.
    • Option to curate Global Recommendations and/or opt into Randomized Recommendations. Learn more.
    • Available on orders from one of these stores: BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce.

    Learn more about Product Recommendations.

  • Added ability to Import Products from BigCommerce stores. Now, merchants can more quickly set up their account to use Product Recommendations. Learn more.


  • Enhanced Walmart integration to accommodate Walmart's newly added support for the following carriers: DHL eCommerce, FedEx SmartPost and UPS Mail Innovations. ShippingEasy shipment notifications now map to these new services when appropriate.
  • Enhanced WooCommerce integration. Added support for customer notes (e.g. buyer comments). Learn more.
  • Enhanced CSV order uploads. Specifically when ShippingEasy's sample order CSV file is used for uploading orders. Now, the columns are automatically mapped to ShippingEasy. Download ShippingEasy's sample file.
  • Added new filter options to the ORDERS page.
    • A new option is available within the "Product SKU" filter: Only Has. Selecting this option will limit the results to orders that only have the specified SKU(s). It excludes all orders which include any other SKUs in other line items. If the Only Has option is not selected, then the Includes filter will default. The Includes filter results shows orders that contains the specified SKU, no matter what other SKUs are in the order.
    • A new filter has been added: "Sales Channel". This filter allows orders received through aggregator stores to be filtered by the original sales channel. The filter is only supported for the following store types: ChannelAdvisor, Stitch Labs, Solid Commerce.
  • Updated Delivery Status on USPS shipments. Once a tracking status is reported as "Delivered", the status posted in ShippingEasy will not change. This remains true even if even if a subsequent tracking event from USPS indicates that the shipment is still in transit.
  • Added E-USPS DELCON INTL support for more countries: Cyprus, Greece, Japan, Russia. Learn more.
  • Enhanced the "Category" filter on the PRODUCTS page. The Product Categories displayed within the "Category" filter are now alphabetized.
  • Updated the EDIT PRODUCT page. An asterisk (*) is shown by the Name field to indicate it is a required field.
  • Corrected issues seen on the ORDERS page.
    • Resolved a problem with incorrect ORDERS page display. Specifically when two sets of orders are selected for re-running Shipping Rules. Now, multiple requests to re-run Shipping Rules do not prevent individual orders from displaying.
    • Changed the default columns displayed in new accounts. By default, the "Allocated" and "Estimated Delivery" columns are no longer displayed on the ORDERS page. Learn how to add or remove columns.
  • Resolved an issue marking addresses as invalid. Specifically when the only invalid data in the address is an invalid city name. Now, domestic addresses with an invalid city name are always marked as invalid.
  • Resolved an error seen when purchasing Shipsurance. Specifically when the recipient's first and last name are missing on the order. Now, Shipsurance can be purchased on a shipment even if the recipient name is missing.
Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced the Low Stock Alert feature. When the Low Stock Alert is clicked, the user navigates to the PRODUCTS page. The page is then automatically filtered to display only Products with Low Stock levels. Now, the "Low Stock" filter option is expanded to make the applied filter more apparent. Learn more.
  • Improvements to the INVENTORY dashboard page.
    • Removed outdated “coming soon” links.
    • Removed “On Hold Orders" and added the count of "Unallocated Orders". Learn about Stock Allocation.
  • Resolved issues affecting Variants and parent Products.
    • Fixed an error seen when editing a Product Variant. Now, the Variant group can be edited without being required to change the name.
    • Resolved issues seen on parent Products.
      • Now, the UPC, ASIN, and ISBN fields are not displayed when creating a parent Product. These values are only shown for the Variants.
      • Now, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory is not displayed unless a Variant has FBA inventory.
  • Resolved issues related to Low Stock Thresholds for Products with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory.
    • On the PRODUCT DETAILS page: the Low Stock Threshold has been removed from the "Total" row.
    • On the ADD PRODUCT page: if a Product is marked as having variations, the FBA Low Stock Threshold field is not shown.
  • Resolved an issue seen when editing an individual Product SKU. Now, the Product Category can be changed from the EDIT PRODUCT page.
  • Resolved a problem assigning Product SKUs to a Supplier. Now, Product SKUs can be assigned to Suppliers on the SUPPLIER profile page. Learn more.
  • Resolved a messaging error when editing the settings for an Amazon store. Specifically, if Inventory Management is removed from the subscription and then the FBA option is disabled in STORES & ORDERS settings. Now, a modal message is not displayed after this sequence of events.
Customer Management:
  • Updated the MARKETING dashboard page. Accounts that have not added Customer Management to their subscription will see new text and images.
  • Enhanced Automated Campaigns.
    • On the AUTOMATED EMAILS page, changed the display order of the first three single-click Automated Campaigns to (1) Order Downloaded, (2) First Time Buyer, (3) Request Feedback After Delivery.
    • Added a new single-click Automated Campaign: Product Review Request. This option is only available on accounts that have at least one active store of the following types: BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce. Learn more about single-click Automated Campaigns.
    • Modified the Product Review Request template. Now, the image shows five stars.
  • Enhanced the CAMPAIGNS page. Added an Arrange Columns link. Learn more.
  • Enhanced Campaign Templates.
    • Added new Campaign templates to the "Campaign Gallery" for the New Year's Eve. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
    • Updated the Campaign Template selection workflow when creating a new Campaign. In the "Campaign Gallery", hovering the mouse over a thumbnail displays two buttons: Preview and Select. Clicking the button to Select a template leads straight to the editor. The preview step is bypassed. Learn more about selecting a Campaign Template.
    • Added logo images to the Campaign Template image gallery for three brands: Agnes & Dora, Honey & Lace, and Piphany. These new images are only shown on qualifying accounts. Please contact our Customer Success team if you do not have access to these images and would like access.
  • Resolved issues seen on the CAMPAIGNS page.
    • Now, the page does not refresh when selecting filter values.
    • Now, clicking Reset Filters will clear all filters, including "Created Date".
  • Resolved an issue seen when sending a test Campaign email. Specifically when the Product Review Request template is edited, but not saved. Now, the test email displays correctly.


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