Release Notes thru 2017-11-07


  • Added option to save filter selections, as Saved Views, on the ORDERS page and SHIPMENT HISTORY page. This helps users who regularly use the same filter selections to streamline their workflows. Access Saved Views from the "Filter" section on the left side of the ORDERS page and SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more about setting up Saved Views.

Inventory Management:
  • Added option to sync Amazon Fulfillment Network (FBA) available inventory. This option can be enabled within the Amazon STORES & ORDERS settings in ShippingEasy. Learn how to import FBA available inventory.

    Once enabled, Inventory Management subscribers gain access to new data:

    • FBA available inventory levels are displayed in ShippingEasy:
    • Low stock thresholds can be set for FBA inventory. Learn more.


  • Updated the USPS data used to calculate the Estimated Delivery Date. This update ensures uninterrupted support of Estimated Delivery Dates heading into 2018. Learn more about Estimated Delivery Date.
  • Added the option to arrange columns on the PRODUCTS page and CUSTOMER LIST page. Click the Arrange Columns link to add, remove, and reorder the columns displayed on the page. Learn how to customize columns.
  • Resolved an issue with the terminology used to describe Endicia accounts. Now, after an account converts to a single Endicia account, the term "International & Expedited" is no longer used in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue with labels printing out of sequence. Specifically when Item SKU Sequence or Item Description Sequence is selected. Now, items with mixed-case SKUs or descriptions will sort alphabetically. Learn more about customizing label print sequence.
Customer Management:
  • Added support for WooCommerce orders to the Automated Campaign template, Product Review Request. When a WooCommerce store is integrated via the direct (non-plugin) integration, Product SKUs can be linked with ShippingEasy. These linked Products can then be included in the Product Review Request email. The email will display the Product image and a link back to the product page in store. This makes it easy for customers to leave product reviews. Learn how to integrate a WooCommerce store with ShippingEasy, how to link products, and more about setting up an Automated Campaign.
  • Added new Campaign templates to the Customer Management "Campaign Gallery" for the winter holidays. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
  • Added a new filter on the CAMPAIGNS page: Campaign Type. There are two options: Automated and One-Time.

    The default "Campaign Type" filter is set based on the navigation path taken to the CAMPAIGNS page.

    • Default is One-Time: when navigating via MARKETING >> NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS.
    • Default is Automated: when navigating via MARKETING >> AUTOMATED EMAILS >>
      See all automated campaigns.
    The help text on the CAMPAIGNS page mirrors the "Campaign Type" filter. Help text provides extra guidance in using the type of Campaign selected.
  • Resolved an issue some users experienced when editing single-click Automated Campaigns. Specifically with editing the stock image on templates. Now, the "replace image" option is displayed in the popup menu. Learn more about single-click Automated Campaigns.
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