Release Notes thru 2017-11-01

REMINDER: ShippingEasy is migrating from two-Endicia accounts to a single-Endicia account model.
All ShippingEasy subscribers must convert their accounts in order to continue using ShippingEasy.
Learn more about migrating to a single-Endicia account


  • All ShippingEasy accounts are now supported for the new single-Endicia account model. Moreover, all ShippingEasy accounts must convert to the new single-Endicia account model. Subscribers who have not migrated to a single-Endicia account will be unable to use ShippingEasy until their accounts have been converted. See notes from October 3, 2017 for more details about Endicia changes.
  • Added additional country support for GlobalPost Standard: Austria, China, Greece, Norway, Poland and Russia.
  • Resolved an issue seen when removing large-sized CSV files from the UPLOAD PRODUCTS page. Now, large-sized files can be removed from the "Uploads" list without resulting in a timeout.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue loading a SUPPLIER details page. Specifically when the Supplier has a large number of assigned Products. Now, the SUPPLIER details page will load without timing out.
Customer Management:
  • Changed the top-level navigation menu for Customer Management.
    • The CUSTOMERS tab has been renamed "Marketing".
    • The ALL CUSTOMERS option has been renamed "Customer List".
    • The CUSTOMER LISTS option has been removed from the navigation menu. This page can be accessed via MARKETING >> CUSTOMER LIST >> Manage Lists >> Edit Lists.
    • The CAMPAIGNS option has been renamed "Newsletters & Promotions".
    • An AUTOMATED EMAILS option has been added.
  • Updated the MARKETING dashboard page (previously the CUSTOMERS dashboard page). The display has been simplified for quick access to key tools and data.
  • Enhancements to CUSTOMER "Email History".
    • The display of emails messages via the "Email History" on a CUSTOMER details page has been improved. The result is a better experience when viewing Campaigns with HTML formatting.
    • Resolved an issue experienced on Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Now, a sent email from "Email History" can be viewed on these browsers.
  • Enhancements to email marketing Campaigns.
    • Updates to the CAMPAIGNS page.
      • Access this page via MARKETING >> NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS.
      • Added help text at the top of the page for the use cases for One-Time and Automated Campaigns.
    • Updates to the CAMPAIGN RESULTS page.
    • Enhancements to editing Campaigns.
      • Simplified the process of editing the name of a Campaign. Removed the cancel and submit buttons that were displayed when the name of a campaign is edited. Pressing the enter or tab key will save any changes to the Campaign name and pressing the escape key will cancel the changes.
      • Added a status indicator next to the Campaign name. This shows the current status of the Campaign. Learn more about Campaign statuses.
      • Improved the Send Test email feature.
        • The account’s logo, if found in STORES & ORDERS settings, is displayed in the test email.
        • When the Product Review Request template is selected for the Campaign, placeholder Product data is displayed. This makes the test email look more like what the buyer will receive when actual emails are sent for the Campaign.
    • Enhancements to Automated Campaigns.
      • A new AUTOMATED EMAILS page has been added. This page features the single-click Automated Campaigns. Learn more. Below these options is a link to set up a custom Automated Campaign.
      • Updates to single-click Automated Campaigns. Learn more.
        • The single-click Automated Campaign option "Request Feedback After Shipment" has been renamed to "Request Feedback After Delivery".
        • The single-click Automated Campaign option "Request Feedback After Delivery" has been updated for LuLaRoe merchants. The action is now triggered when the order is "delivered", delayed by 2 days. (For non-LuLaRoe merchants, the action is triggered when the order is "shipped", delayed by 7 days.)
      • Updates to the Automated Campaign variables. Store variables may now be inserted into the Subject Line, From Display Name, and Reply To Email fields. This makes it easier to create one Automated Campaign that supports different brand names or email addresses. The store variables reference the STORES & ORDERS settings. The only variable supported in the Reply To Email field is {{}}. Learn more about Campaign variables.


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