Select my Product Recommendations | How To

This feature is available to Customer Marketing subscribers.

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing add-on makes it easy to increase sales via Product Recommendations.

With Product Recommendations, you can suggest additional products to your customers on packing slips, shipment notification emails, and automated email campaigns. There are two recommendation methods, Global and Randomized. Find out what makes these methods different. Each of these methods can be used alone or together to maximize order growth potential.

To begin selecting which Products to feature in your Product Recommendations, there are a few requirements that must be met.

To review Product Recommendation requirements

  1. Go to MARKETING and select PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS from the navigation bar. 
  2. If you have not set up these requirements, you will be asked to do so. Getting_Started_with_Product_Recommendations.png

Once your account meets the minimum requirements, you will see the "Let's get you started" page.Let_s_Get_You_Started.png

Select Recommendations

To get started selecting product recommendations, choose either Global or Randomized Recommendations depending on if you want more specific products recommended (global) or a random assortment offered (randomized). Click through the following options to learn how to set up each one.

Global Recommendations

Global Recommendations are products recommended to all your customers to heavily promote newly launched, overstocked, or clearance items over all other products.
  1. Under Select Recommendations, click Get Started.
  2. You can select up to 30 Global Recommendations. If you wish, use the search and "Store" filter to narrow down your options.
    Global_Recommendations_-_Search_and_Filter.pngOr, Click on Product images to add the Products to your Global Recommendations.
  3. Once you have selected your products, use the arrows to prioritize your Global Recommendations list.
  4. Once you have selected Global Recommendations from all your stores, click Next Step.

Randomized Recommendations

Randomized Recommendations are promoted to all your customers in no specific priority and are useful when you want to promote a wide variety of your products. Randomized Recommendations can be used alone or in conjunction with Global Recommendations, but Global Recommendations will always be promoted first if possible.
  1. To turn on Randomized Recommendations, turn the off toggle feature to On.
  2. By default, all Products are included in your Randomized Recommendations. To choose which Products to exclude from Product Recommendations, click the product image to mark it as Excluded.
    Or, you can use the search box and "Store" filter to narrow down your options.
  3. Click on the Exclude All button to exclude everything within the searched and/or filtered results. Likewise, click the Include All button to include all results.
  4. Once you have configured your Randomized Recommendations for all your stores, click Next Step.

Review Stores

Now you are ready to review which stores the products up for recommendation will be pulled from.

  1. The "Stores with Product Recommendations" will give you an overview of which stores are configured for Product Recommendations.

    Each icon gives you information about how the Product Recommendations have been configured for the store and the Product Recommendation option.
    Review_Stores_-_Stores_with_Product_Recommendations_-_check.png The Recommendations, either Global and/or Randomized, have been fully configured.
    Review_Stores_-_Stores_with_Product_Recommendations_-_x.png The Recommendations have not been fully configured. Return to the previous steps to finish setting up the Global and/or Randomized Recommendations.
    Review_Stores_-_Stores_with_Product_Recommendations_-_exclam.png There are no Products available because they either have not been linked (learn more) or are missing an image (learn more).
  2. Within the "Select Store for Manual Orders" section, you can choose which store's Product Recommendations to use for orders that are added manually. These orders are either uploaded via CSV file or by the Create Label option. Expand the menu and choose a store. Or leave it as No Recommendations if you do not want to suggest any Product Recommendations to these Customers.
  3. Once you have completed the Review Stores step, click Next Step.

Now you're ready to activate your Product Recommendations



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