Can I see which shipments were Fulfilled by Amazon?

Yes. ShippingEasy is able to import Amazon Fulfillment Network shipments and display them on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn how to import Fulfillment by Amazon shipments

Once imported, data on your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments will be at your fingertips. Run reports on and search for your FBA shipments, customers and products all from within the ShippingEasy application! 

NOTE: If you are not seeing these options on your SHIPMENT HISTORY Page, contact our Customer Success Team to enable the feature on your account.

See 'Fulfillment by Amazon' shipments at a glance with the "Fulfilled By" column:

On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, there is an optional column for "Fulfilled By". This column will indicate who fulfilled your shipments: your company or Fulfillment by Amazon. Learn more about customizing columns.

Filter for 'Fulfillment by Amazon' shipments:

On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, filter your shipments to see just those fulfilled by Amazon. This is a great option if you want to see only the shipments that were Fulfilled by Amazon. 

From the left hand filter, expand the "Fulfilled By" option. Then select Fulfillment by Amazon


Now, only shipments that have been Fulfilled by Amazon will display.

TIP: if you regularly filter your shipments by "Fulfillment by Amazon", with or without other filters, consider setting up a Saved View. Learn more.


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