Release Notes thru 2017-10-24

REMINDER: ShippingEasy is migrating from two-Endicia accounts to a single-Endicia account model.
All ShippingEasy subscribers must convert their accounts before November 1, 2017. Subscribers who do not meet the deadline will be unable to use ShippingEasy until their accounts have been converted. Learn more about migrating to a single-Endicia account.


  • Added support for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments.

    • A new option on the Amazon store settings page enables ShippingEasy to import FBA shipments.
      Learn how to import FBA shipments.
      NOTE: Fulfillment by Amazon shipments count towards monthly shipping volume.  Learn more.
      Once importing is enabled:
      • FBA shipments will be displayed on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
      • FBA shipment data is automatically included in Reports. Learn more
    • Enhancements to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page allow for easy viewing of FBA shipments. These features are only visible when an Amazon store is integrated with the ShippingEasy account.
Customer Management:
  • Added support for 'single click' Automated Campaigns. These are Automated Campaigns that can be configured with an ON/OFF switch on the CUSTOMERS page. The single click Automated Campaigns include:
    • First Time Buyer
    • Request Feedback After Shipment
    • Order Downloaded
    By default all three are disabled (OFF). Once turned ON, the Automated Campaigns will start sending emails for qualifying orders. No extra configuration work is required, though the Campaigns can be customized further if desired. Learn more about single click Automated Campaigns.


  • Expanded support for the new single-Endicia account model. Now, ShippingEasy accounts that have used the Sub Account feature can convert. See notes from October 3, 2017 for more details about Endicia changes.
  • Resolved a type error on the DASHBOARD page. Specifically for subscribers who have converted to the single Endicia account model. "Endicia International & Expedited" has been replaced with "Endicia".
  • Resolved a display error on the ORDERS page. Specifically when the page is filtered by Product Tag. Now, the correct order count is shown.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an error mapping Products from ShippingEasy to store listings. Now, only one ShippingEasy Products catalog entry can be mapped to the same product listing in a store or marketplace.
Customer Management:
  • Added two new Campaign templates to the "Campaign Gallery" for Veteran's Day. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
  • Add a new condition for Automated Campaigns: Carrier. This allows emails to be sent after delivery, only when the carrier can alert ShippingEasy to delivery confirmation. At present, ShippingEasy only receives delivery confirmation updates for USPS shipments. Learn more about configuring Automated Campaign conditions.
  • Enhanced Automated Campaign email processing.
    • When processing a shipment from a split order: the email is not sent if a Product condition is defined and the portion of the order shipped does not contains the specified product.
    • When using the "Product Review Request" template:
      • The email is not sent if the store that sourced the order does not support URL links in the ShippingEasy Products catalog.
      • The email is not sent if ShippingEasy's Products catalog does not contain a link for the Product.
  • Added an Edit button to the Automate Campaign results page. Clicking the Edit button pauses the campaign so that editing is allowed.
  • Resolved a display error on the Automated Campaign results page. Specifically within the list of Rules for the Automated Campaign. Now, the conditions shown match the conditions that are used to send the Campaign.
  • Corrected a typographical error in a Campaign template. Specifically, in the "Feedback on Delivery" template that is designed for use by LuLaRoe retailers.
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