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ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing add-on makes it easy to create targeted email marketing campaigns to drive revenue and build customer relationships. Working with a variety of eCommerce sellers, ShippingEasy has identified the most effective Campaigns to achieve your sales goals and can be up and running after a 'single click'.

Automated Campaigns to Drive Revenue

These campaigns are strategically designed to reach out to existing customers with reminders or coupons to earn repeat business. Activating any of these can automatically bring in thousands of dollars of additional revenue.

  • Abandoned Cart: Remind customers that they have items in their cart, ready for purchase. This campaign is currently only available for Shopify customers.
  • First Time Buyer Coupon: A welcome email coupled with a coupon code upon shipment confirmation for first time buyers on your site
  • Automated Coupon: A coupon that is automatically sent to your buyers based on your own specified conditions and triggers
  • Lapsed Customer Winback: A coupon/winback email automatically sent to customers that haven't purchased from your store recently, to get them to come back and buy again
  • Buy Again Reminder: An friendly reminder email to remind customers that they need to re-order specific items after a set timeframe. Useful for "subscription" items, or items ordered consistently.

Automated Campaigns to Build Customer Relationships

These campaigns help to build a strong and loyal customer base by sending post-purchase emails that provide order security and encourage engagement with your brand.

  • Order Downloaded: A confirmation email sent as soon as an order arrives in ShippingEasy to let your customer know it is being processed.
    NOTE: for drop shipped orders, we can trigger automated emails for orders downloaded but not once they are in the status of delivered or shipped.
  • First Time Buyer: A friendly welcome email sent to new customers as soon as their first order is downloaded to ShippingEasy
  • Request Feedback After Delivery: A short note after delivery has occurred to all customers to ask for feedback
  • Product Review Request: A friendly request for a product review, sent to all customers after delivery
  • Amazon Product Review Request: A friendly request for Amazon product reviews, specifically for Amazon orders. Learn more.
  • Amazon Seller Feedback Request: A friendly request for Amazon seller feedback, specifically for Amazon orders. Learn more.

How to: Enable a Single Click Automated Campaigns

With just a single click, you can automatically begin or pause sending an automated campaign to your customers.

  1. Navigate to the MARKETING tab and select AUTOMATED EMAILS from the drop-down.
  2. To the left of any campaign, move the toggle option to ON for any, or all, Automated Campaigns. To pause a Campaign, toggle the option to OFF.

How to: Customize a Single Click Automated Campaign

Choosing to customize a campaign will take you directly into the template editor. There you can edit, pause or duplicate a campaign as well as customize the layout.

  1. Click the cog icon to the right of any Campaign.
  2. This will direct you to the Automated Campaign setup page. Learn more about configuring Automated Campaigns.

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