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The Stores tab in the Product Catalog is available on each product details page. This will list the store types your product is linked to. Products can be linked to Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Magento 2, Shopify, Volusion, Walmart and WooCommerce stores. Learn more about linking products to stores.




1. Product name Name given to product at upload.
2. SKU variations List of SKU variations associated with the product. Learn more about adding SKU variants to products.
3. Total Stock Only displayed if Inventory Management is enabled on your account. Snapshot of total stock.
4. Total Available Only displayed if Inventory Management is enabled on your account. Snapshot of total available product.
5. Store Type List of stores where the product is listed. For products that are linked to 2 or more stores, only active stores will show here.
6. Store Name Name of store where the product is listed.
7. SKU Parent SKU of product.
8. Product Recommendation URL

If the product recommendation feature is available for the store type, the product URL is displayed here.

This column is displayed if you have subscribed to Customer Marketing, or both Inventory Management and Customer Marketing.

The product listing URL can be utilized for Email Campaigns in Customer Marketing. Learn more about Customer Marketing here.


9. Last Store Update Displays a value of Success, Failure, or Inactive to reflect what happened on Inventory Management's most recent attempt to update the inventory level in the customer’s store. This will reflect what appears on the Linked Stores Report.
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