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Any drafted, active, in progress, paused, or complete Campaign can be duplicated. Duplicating a Campaign will save loads of time when creating a new one. It's also a great way to build on your past success and learning.

Before duplicating the Campaign, it's advised to reflect on the results from the last time you ran the Campaign. Learn more about monitoring results for Regular Campaigns and Automated Campaigns.

Templates created before September 26, 2018, will use a legacy editor. ShippingEasy upgraded the template editor in Sept. 2018. Previously created templates can be edited using the legacy editor. In addition, any campaigns duplicated from templates on the legacy editor will also use the legacy editor.

It is not possible to convert existing templates over to the new editor. To avoid problems, we recommend pausing any active campaigns using the legacy editor and setting up a new campaign.

Once you have a plan for what worked and what needs to be changed, you're ready to start a new Campaign.

To duplicate a Campaign

  1. Go to MARKETING and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS.
  2. You can duplicate the campaign in two ways:
    On the CAMPAIGNS Page:

    To the right of the campaign name, click the Actions drop-down and select "Duplicate".

    On the Campaign Results page:

    On the CAMPAIGNS page, locate the Campaign you wish to duplicate. Click the Campaign name.
    On the Campaign Results page, click the blue Duplicate button.

  3. In the modal, confirm that you wish to duplicate the Campaign. Click OK
  4. A message will appear confirming that the Campaign is now duplicated and in the draft state on the CAMPAIGNS page.

Now you can make changes to the Campaign and ready it for the next launch. Follow the links below for more ideas.



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