How to: Pause an Automated Campaign

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An Automated Campaign can be paused. This creates the option to edit the Campaign. Pausing an Automated Campaign will also suspended it until you're ready to resume sending it. Learn more about Campaigns.

To pause an Automated Campaign:

  1. From the blue navigation bar, click to expand the MARKETING tab and select NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS.
  2. On the CAMPAIGNS page, locate the active Automated Campaign you wish to pause. Click the Campaign name.
  3. On the Campaign Results page, click the grey Pause button.
  4. In the modal, confirm that you wish to pause the Campaign. Click Pause.Confirm_Pause.png
  5. The Automated Campaign is now paused.
    On the Campaign Results page:

    A message is displayed to confirm that the campaign has been paused. You will also see options to Edit or Reactivate the Campaign.


    On the CAMPAIGNS page:

    The status is set to Paused.



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