Does ShippingEasy import Amazon Fulfillment Network shipments & inventory?

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Amazon Fulfillment Network orders are automatically "Fulfilled by Amazon". Although these orders should not be fulfilled using a third-party system like ShippingEasy, it's important to keep them on your radar.

To keep you in the know, ShippingEasy is able to import Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments and inventory levels. Enabling these options improves reporting and boosts visibility.

NOTE: this feature is only supported on US-based Amazon stores.

Once enabled, the information is downloaded during the existing store sync process, every hour. You can also run a manual sync should you want to import these sooner. Learn how to download new orders and shipments.

Importing Fulfillment by Amazon product and inventory data:

Once imported, data on your FBA Product SKUs will be at your fingertips.

  • Amazon Fulfillment Network products are displayed on your PRODUCTS page. Learn more.
  • Available stock levels include a drill in for each Product SKU stored at an FBA warehouse. Learn more.
  • Avoid stock-outs with low stock alerts for Product SKUs stored at an FBA warehouse. Learn more.
  • Option to report combined available inventory from FBA and other locations. Learn more.
  • Run reports on FBA products and inventory levels. Learn more.
  • Ability to send Amazon Seller and Product Feedback requests, giving you an opportunity to manage your reputation on the platform.

Learn how to import FBA stock levels into ShippingEasy.

Importing Fulfillment by Amazon shipments:

Once Amazon has fulfilled an order, ShippingEasy can import the FBA shipment.

  • FBA shipments are displayed on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more.
  • Run reports on FBA shipments. Learn more.
NOTE: Fulfillment by Amazon shipments count towards monthly shipping volume. Learn more.

Learn how to import FBA shipments into ShippingEasy.


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