Release Notes thru 2017-10-10


  • Updated how the filters are saved on the ORDERS page. When filters are set, they are saved per-session. This allows multiple users to log in on the same browser, but not see the filter settings used by the previous person to log in. Learn more about filtering the ORDERS page.
  • Updated the READY TO SHIP page. When a shipment requires a NAFTA form, a new link directs to the US Customs & Border Protection web site. Learn more about NAFTA forms.
  • Enhanced drop-shipped orders tools.
  • Enhanced SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Updated the Order Details popup with a View Order link. Clicking this link will display the Global Search page for that order. Learn more about viewing Order Details.
  • Expanded support for the new single Endicia account model. Now, ShippingEasy subscribers who have connected their own Endicia account can convert. Affected subscribers will see a modal prompting them to convert their account. See last week's notes for more details about the single Endicia account changes.

    Conversion is different for ShippingEasy subscribers who have connected their own, external, Endicia account:

    • An Endicia account connected via the 'Connect an existing account' option will be treated as an external account. This includes an Endicia account that was opened via ShippingEasy, but disconnected and reconnected using the 'Connect an existing account' button.
    • ShippingEasy will not automatically close the external Endicia account.
    • To receive a refund on the postage balance, or to stop billing by Endicia, the external Endicia account will need to be closed. Learn more.
    • The POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page will display that the external Endicia account is "Not in Use".
  • Resolved an issue searching and sorting drop-shipped orders. Specifically on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Now, drop-shipped orders can be searched and sorted by recipient.
Customer Management:
  • Enhanced Automated Campaigns.
  • Resolved errors some users experienced when creating a new Campaign template.
    • In some cases, the Campaign Gallery was shown first when opting to create a new Campaign. Now, the My Campaigns tab will be shown first.
    • In some cases, two instances of "Loading" were displayed. Now, "Loading" is shown just once.
  • Resolve issues some users experienced with the Review and Send Campaign page.
    • In some cases, users could not view a One-Time Campaign scheduled for a future date. Now, the page displays correctly for scheduled Campaigns.
    • In some cases, an incorrect template preview was displayed. Specifically if the Campaign template was created from a previously used template and edited. Now, the correct preview is shown.
  • Resolved a calculation error of the number of recipients who opted out of an email Campaign. Before, the "Opt outs" data was counted incorrectly. Now, this data for future Campaigns is correct. For Campaigns created before October 10, 2017, the "Opt outs" data has been reset to zero.
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