Release Notes thru 2017-10-03


  • Updated Endicia integration to support a single Endicia account for all USPS services. ShippingEasy subscribers who completed registration after September 20, 2017 are already set up with a single Endicia account. Any subscriber who registered their Endicia account/s before September 20, 2017 is affected by this change. These subscribers will need to convert their existing Endicia account/s to the new single Endicia account model before the end of October 2017.

    Find details in our FAQs: Migrating to a single Endicia account.

    Beginning October 4, 2017, owners of accounts with an Endicia International & Expedited account will be prompted to convert their account. Conversion can be done immediately, or delayed until later in October 2017.

    If you are ready to convert immediately: we recommend the following.

    1. Disable automatic postage refills on your Endicia First Class Domestic account, if applicable.
    2. Deplete your Endicia First Class Domestic postage balance.
    3. Cancel any unused labels for USPS First Class Domestic, Parcel Select Ground, or Media Mail.
    4. Export any reports needed for year-end records from

    If you choose to delay converting: there will be an option shown on the ORDERS page of ShippingEasy to initiate the conversion, once you are ready.

    Once the button to convert is clicked: the Endicia First Class Domestic account will be immediately closed. This starts the process at Endicia to refund the remaining postage balance. Once closed, labels purchased through the account cannot be cancelled. Also services through will be unavailable for the account.

    Some accounts will not see the prompt to convert on October 4, 2017. Rather, these special cases will be prompted to convert at a later date. You will not see the prompt if:

    • You do not have an active Endicia International & Expedited account
    • You use Sub-Accounts to manage multiple carrier accounts.

    In addition, accounts registered after September 20, 2017 and users signed in under a secondary login will never see the prompt to convert.

  • Added a new option to INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT settings. The discounted price of an item can be used as the declared value on Customs Forms. Currently, this feature is only supported for Shopify orders. Learn more.
  • Released a new version of the WooCommerce legacy plugin for ShippingEasy: version 4.1.0. Download the new plugin at the WooCommerce plugin store.
    NOTE: this plugin is only required for our WooCommerce Legacy store integration. Find out if your WooCommerce store integration requires the plugin..

    The new plugin addresses the following issues:

    • Resolved incompatibility problem with SkyVerge’s Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin.
    • Removed the display of the plugin's notification banner.
    • Upgraded to latest WooCommerce APIs for accessing order properties and metadata.
  • Resolved an issue updating Chanel Advisor shipments. Specifically when the service FedEx SmartPost was selected for the shipment. Now, ShippingEasy will update the correct carrier and service values to Channel Advisor.
Customer Management:
  • Added the option to edit a Paused Automated Campaign. When edits are complete, the Automated Campaign can be Reactivated.
  • Enhanced the Campaign Template editor. Specifically when a Campaign Template is being edited and the user navigates away. Now, the Campaign Template is saved automatically when the user navigates away from the page. This prevents work from being lost.
  • Resolved an issue affecting how the list of recipients of an Automated Campaign is displayed. Specifically when the list is filtered by Date. Now the ACCOUNT DETAILS settings Time zone will be used when filtering the Date.
  • Resolved an issue with reporting Delivery rates for Automated Campaigns. Now the Delivery rates are counted correctly. Learn more about monitoring Automated Campaigns.
  • Resolved an issue with filtering the ALL CUSTOMERS page. Specifically when filtering for a Customer Tag that was just added. Now, Customer Tags are immediately available in the Customer Tag filter. Learn more about Customer Tags.
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