How to: Create a Customer List

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Customer lists are used when sending a One-Time Campaign. Learn more about Campaigns. When creating an email Campaign, there are two strategies.

  1. Create the email marketing message first. Then define a Customer List that will respond strongly to your message.
  2. Decide who you want to target first. Then build an email that's specifically designed for to the known audience.

The Customer List can make or break the success of a Campaign. Customer Lists are most powerful when segmented in a way that your email message resonates with everyone on the list. By delivering meaningful content to your customers, you will keep their attention overtime and reduce opt outs.

TIP: if you've already created a Customer List, you can add or remove Customers from it.
Learn more.

With ShippingEasy's Customers database and filters, you're able to narrowly define who you want to contact.

Available Filters for creating Customer Lists

  • Customer Status: how active your customers are in your stores. Prospect, recent, repeat, and inactive.
  • Store: breaks down customers by the store they ordered through
  • Tags: optional tags that you can add to customers. Learn more.
  • Destination: where the customer lives, based on country. Domestic (USA) and/or international.
  • Lists: show customers included on an existing list
  • Email Status: whether or not the customers can receive emails. For Customer Lists meant for an email campaign, you would want to select "Marketing OK".
  • States: where the customer lives, based on state. Select specific states.
  • Zip Codes: where the customer lives, based on zipcode. Select specific zip codes.
  • Purchased SKUs: what items your customers have purchased in the past, based on SKU.
  • Purchased Items: what items your customers have purchased in the past, based on description.
  • Order Date: timeframe in which your customers have purchased.
  • Order Count: total number of times your customers have bought from you, based on the orders in ShippingEasy.
  • Total Spend $: total amount that your customers have spent with you, based on the orders in ShippingEasy.

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