Release Notes thru 2017-09-26


  • Added new persistent filters to the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. When the filters (ex: store, weight, destination, etc) are set on these pages, they will remain in place until manually reset. Now a user can navigate away from the page and return later to find the same filter selections and set of orders or shipments.
Customer Management:


  • Enhanced Yahoo integration. The product download requests have been improved.
  • Changed specifications of USPS labels. The allowed maximum number of characters per line on USPS domestic shipments has been reduced. The change reduces the likelihood of an invalid shipping label, which can occur if not all characters fit onto the label. Changes impact only some USPS domestic label formats. When using the 4"x6" format, the character limit has been changed from 46 to 44. When using a custom template (ex: item lists or carrier note) the character limit has been changed from 46 to 42. Learn more about label formats.
  • Updated the displayed terms and conditions on the READY TO SHIP page when purchasing insurance. Learn how to insure a shipment.
Customer Management:
  • Enhanced how customers are exported from the ALL CUSTOMERS page. When Customers are filtered, then downloaded, only the filtered list of customers is exported. This is useful for businesses who want to export just a subset of their Customers data. Learn how to download Customer data.


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