Launch an Automated Campaign | Guide

Many of the Customer Marketing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users.
We welcome you to explore these solutions and discover new ways to reach customers.

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing add-on makes it easy to create targeted email marketing Campaigns. Connect with customers through a deeper understanding of contact and purchase data. Then use simple drag-and-drop tools to build Campaigns that boost business growth. Learn more about Campaigns.

Design a targeted Campaign and automate it! As orders and shipments process, ShippingEasy will act on your customer data and automatically send focused messaging. Generate reviews, automate product follow ups, get repeat customers, and drive more orders.

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few ways that you can apply Automated Campaigns:

  • Generate product reviews - linked directly back to items in the order
  • Upsell related products - based on items in the order
  • Offer deals and coupons - based on total order value or store
  • Win back customers - based on inactive status or abandoned cart status
If you don't have access yet, experience Customer Marketing first hand with a 30-day free trial.

Launch an Automated Campaign

Building an Automated Campaign is a snap. ShippingEasy offers two types of Automated Campaigns, those that drive sales and those that build relationships. ShippingEasy will show you which of your currently integrated platforms are eligible and enabled for each automated campaigns. From there, you can create an email template. Define a simple set of rules so ShippingEasy knows which customers you want to target and when. Sit back and monitor your campaign's success. Then repeat as you notice trends or find new ways you want to engage your customers.

Select a Campaign type
  1. Increase Sales. Learn more.
  2. Build Relationships. Learn more.
Create an email Campaign template
  1. Select a template from our gallery or start from scratch. Learn more.
  2. Customize the template to reflect your brand with our simple design tools. Learn more.
  3. Preview the template to make sure it's just right. Learn more.
Set up the Automated Campaign
  1. Configure your campaign to send automatically. Learn more.
  2. Target specific customers by defining a set of rules that govern your campaign. Learn more.
Track the results of your Campaign
  1. Monitor customer engagement with your Automated Campaign. Learn more.
  2. Keep tabs on the status of your Campaigns. Learn more.
NOTE: all ShippingEasy users can create campaigns. Only Customer Marketing subscribers can send a campaign to their contacts. Learn how to subscribe.


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