Release Notes thru 2017-09-12


  • Enhanced ChannelAdvisor integration. Added a new process that checks for older orders that did not originally sync from ChannelAdvisor. Amazon merchants will see improved handling of orders that sit in a pending state for some time.
  • Enhanced Woocommerce integration. Specifically improved handling of orders that move between syncable and non-syncable status. Now orders that move into a syncable status, since the last order download, will sync to ShippingEasy.
  • Enhanced Yahoo integration. The order download mechanisms have been improved.
  • Enhanced Magento 1 integration. The order download mechanisms have been improved.
  • Enhanced Magento 2 integration. Now it is possible to integrate Magento stores on version 2.1.7 and higher.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Magento 2 stores' ability to capture payment on shipment. Now, selecting this option in STORES & ORDERS settings will capture payment after the order is shipped. Learn more about capturing payments on Magento shipments.            
Inventory Management:
  • Improved the process for deallocating stock. Now once ShippingEasy finishes deallocating stock, a message is displayed on the ORDERS page.
  • Enhanced Amazon integration. Now use a newer version of Amazon's API to retrieve product information. This should result in a faster download of product data when using the Import Products feature. Learn more about importing Amazon products.
Customer Management:
  • Added new Campaign templates to the Customer Management "Campaign Gallery" for Halloween. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
  • Resolved an issue changing the "Available for Marketing" status of a customer. Now the contact is correctly saved when opting a customer out of marketing emails.
  • Resolved an issue in the template gallery. Incorrect thumbnails have been corrected.
  • Improved experience when creating a campaign. Now selecting "Create an Email Campaign" directs to the "My Campaigns" tab, if a previous campaign exists. Otherwise, the "Campaign Gallery" tab is displayed. Learn how to create a Campaign.
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