How to: Remove a SKU Alias from a master Product SKU

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Sometimes a Product SKU was previously used as a SKU Alias, but then needs to be tracked as a separate SKU. When this happens, the SKU Alias can be removed from the original master SKU entry. Then added into the Products catalog as new Product SKU.

To remove a SKU Alias from a master Product SKU:

  1. Navigate to the INVENTORY tab, then select PRODUCTS from the drop down menu.
  2. From the PRODUCTS page, click on the blue product "SKU" or "Name" that the SKU Alias is assigned to.
  3. From the PRODUCT DETAILS page, locate the SKU Aliases field.
  4. Click the X next to the SKU Alias. Then confirm that you wish to remove the SKU Alias.

The SKU Alias is now removed and can be added as a unique Product SKU. Learn more.


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