Release Notes thru 2017-08-30


  • Enhanced the "Print" button on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. The change impacts users that have enabled ConnectEasy. If the ConnectEasy client program is not running, the Print to printer button is disabled. Learn how to print to PDF or find out how to reconnect ConnectEasy.
  • Enhanced the ConnectEasy printer status icon. When the icon is red or yellow, clicking the icon opens a new browser tab to display a Knowledge Base article, Troubleshoot: ConnectEasy.
  • Enhanced the optional column on the ORDERS page: Ship By Date. Now, this column displays data on eBay orders. This makes it easy to see the expected shipment date for eBay orders. Learn how to customize the columns displayed on the ORDERS page.
  • Enhanced CSV file uploads. This change impacts all types of CSV file uploads: Orders, Customers, Products. Now, files in the "Upload History" are displayed as clickable links. Clicking the file name will download the file. This is useful for troubleshooting problems with CSV file data. Learn more about uploading CSV files.
  • Enhanced Products catalog filtering. Now, variant groups are included in the results when filtering Products.
  • Enhanced WooCommerce store order updates. Now, the tracking number is added before the status of the order is modified. This ensures that buyer notifications sent from WooCommerce can include the tracking number, if the merchant chooses.
  • Enhanced account registration for customers selling through specific direct sales channels: Agnes & Dora, Honey & Lace, DotDotSmile. Now, these store types can be selected when registering a ShippingEasy account.
  • Updated the LABELS settings page. The "Domestic USPS Label Options" section includes a note about adding a logo onto labels. A link redirects to the STORES & ORDERS settings page, so that the logo can be uploaded to store settings. Learn more about adding logos to shipping labels.
  • Updated BigCommerce integration per changes to BigCommerce security protocols.
  • Updated a message on the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page. A confirmation message is displayed when a user clicks the button to Disconnect a carrier account. Now, the message explicitly states that the customer will not be able to use any available postage balance or ship with the account.
  • Resolved an issue seen when selecting an image to be displayed on a label. Now, if an image file larger than 1MB was previously saved to the Image Gallery, it can be selected to be used on USPS domestic shipping labels. Learn how to add a logo to shipping labels.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Products catalog for WooCommerce merchants. Now, the inventory level is not set for a product when it is added via a new WooCommerce order. Rather, the inventory level can be set via the "Import Products" option in STORES & ORDERS settings. Learn how to set inventory levels for WooCommerce Products SKUs.
Customer Management:
  • Resolved an issue affecting account downgrades. Specifically when the account is subscribed to the Customer Management add-on. Now, the Customer Management add-on will not be removed when downgrading to the Starter plan.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the CSV file download of customer data. Now, the downloaded CSV file includes the Country value. Learn how to download a Customer CSV file.
  • Resolved an issue filtering the ALL CUSTOMERS page. Now, the page can be filtered by item name, even if the item name contains an apostrophe. Learn how to filter Customer lists.


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