Why didn't my logo print on my shipping label?

Branded logos on labels are included with all paid subscriptions (Basic and above plans). Starter subscribers will see the ShippingEasy logo featured on eligible labels.

If you have configured your store to display a logo on your shipping labels, please note that not all shipping labels will display a logo. Logos on labels are only supported for shipping labels that are:

  • USPS
  • Domestic
  • 4"x6" format

The logo may not be displayed on eligible labels if the available space for a logo is not large enough. USPS requires that the logo is not too close to the recipient address. There are a few circumstances in which ShippingEasy cannot add your logo to an otherwise eligible label.

Does the label have a multiple-line recipient address?

The most common reason that not enough space is available is a multiple-line recipient address. The exact content of the address can make a difference, too. So while this address has enough space for a logo:

This address does not have room for a logo. Even though it is only four lines, the longer city/state/zip code impedes on where the logo would be placed.

Have you customized your USPS domestic labels?

Customizing your USPS domestic labels to display SKUs, item descriptions, or a carrier note uses space on the label. With less space available in the address area, there is a higher likelihood that an address will not leave enough space available for a logo.


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