Release Notes thru 2017-08-22


  • Added support for logos on USPS domestic shipping labels.
    • Support is limited to 4"x6" USPS domestic labels. This feature is not supported for other carriers, label sizes, or USPS international labels.
    • The logo for the label is specified on a per-store basis.
    • Logos on labels provides an extra branding opportunity to merchants.
    • Paid subscribers (Basic and above plans) have the option to display a logo on USPS domestic labels.
    • Starter subscribers do not have access to branded labels. Rather, ShippingEasy’s logo is displayed on USPS domestic shipping labels created by these accounts.

    Learn how to add a logo to shipping labels.


  • Enhanced the "Print" button on the READY TO PRINT and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. The change impacts users that have enabled ConnectEasy. If the ConnectEasy client program is not running, the Print to printer button is disabled. Learn how to print to PDF or find out how to reconnect ConnectEasy.
  • Enhanced the red “alert message” that displays error messages in ShippingEasy. An 'x' button has been added to the upper-right corner of error messages. This makes it clearer that the message can be dismissed. It is still possible to dismiss the message simply by clicking on it.
  • Changed how long unshipped orders are stored in idle (not shipping) ShippingEasy accounts. If the account is idle, unshipped orders will be deleted from ShippingEasy on a weekly basis. This order clean up process runs every Sunday morning at 7 am. Orders will be deleted if:
    • A Starter subscriber has not shipped in over 30 days: unshipped orders downloaded more than 60 days ago will be deleted.
    • An account has cancelled: unshipped orders downloaded more than 60 days ago will be deleted.
    • A paid subscriber (Basic and above plans) has not shipped in over 60 days: unshipped orders downloaded more than 180 days ago will be deleted.

    ShippingEasy subscribers who ship on a regular basis are not impacted by this change. These accounts can have as many unshipped orders on their ORDERS page as they want. Learn more.

  • Added a new optional column on the ORDERS page: Ship By Date. This column only displays data on Amazon orders and makes it easy to see the expected shipment date. Learn how to customize the columns displayed on the ORDERS page.
  • Enhanced Shipping Rules. Added a shortcut on the SHIPPING RULES SETUP page for cloning an existing Shipping Rule. Between the edit (pencil) and delete (x) buttons is a duplicate (two-pages) button. Clicking the duplicate button creates a new Shipping Rule that has the same conditions and actions as the original Shipping Rule. Learn more about Shipping Rules.
  • Enhanced the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page. An Endicia postage balance is automatically updated when postage is added via the "Buy Postage" button. Previously, the page needed to be refreshed before displaying the new balance. 
  • Resolved a problem affecting the export of Pick List CSV files. Now, Pick List CSV files export regardless of which column is selected to sort the ORDERS page.
  • Resolved a problem seen when creating shipments from the Browse Rates window. Specifically, when shipment dimensions are specified for a rate quote. Now if a rate quote is selected, the specified dimensions are applied to the shipment on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more about the Browse Rates tool.
Inventory Management:
  • Improved handling of SKU Aliases. Now, SKU Aliases can be removed from a master SKU and added back as a regular Product SKU. Learn more about SKU Aliases.
  • Improved handling of Etsy inventory when stock levels fall to zero. Now, the Etsy listing is changed to inactive. If the inventory level subsequently becomes non-zero, the Etsy listing is reactivated.
Customer Management:
  • Added new Campaign templates to the Customer Management "Campaign Gallery": two for Labor Day and one for the fall season. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
  • Added option to edit Customer address information. On the CUSTOMER detail page, there is a new Edit link next to the address information. Clicking the Edit link expands that section so that the fields are editable.


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