How to: Add my logo to shipping labels

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Adding your logo to your shipping labels add strength your brand by increasing customer recognition while expressing your company's personality. In addition to labels, having your logo on your packing slip and in notification emails, are included with all paid subscriptions (Basic and above plans). Starter subscribers will see the ShippingEasy logo featured on eligible labels.

Feature highlights:
    • The logo will be placed below and to the right of the recipient's address.
    • Assign a different logo for each store connected to ShippingEasy. This enables you to brand your logos per each selling channel.
      NOTE: ShippingEasy currently does not support printing customer logos on Amazon Prime labels.
    • Logos can be displayed on USPS domestic shipping labels, formatted 4"x6". See available label formats and learn how to adjust label format settings.
NOTE: this feature is only available for USPS domestic shipping labels that are 4"x6". A logo will not be displayed on labels for international shipments, shipments to US territories, APO/FPO shipments, and shipments that use other carriers or label sizes.
Sample label with logo:


ShippingEasy will be converting our USPS postage provider to beginning in February. Learn more about our conversion process.

Endicia Stamps




Image recommendations:
  • Rectangular images will display best.
  • Maximum image dimensions are 360 pixels wide (width) and 130 pixels tall (height). Any resizing required to fit the maximum dimensions will be done automatically, and proportionally. For example: an image that is 720 pixels wide and 130 pixels tall would be resized to be 360 x 65.
  • The logo must be a 16bit JPG or PNG file format, and no larger than 1 MB.

To assign a logo to USPS domestic labels:

These steps will need to be followed for each store connected to ShippingEasy. Once each store has a logo saved, it is displayed on any labels printed for that store's orders.

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from any page on your ShippingEasy account. Click on STORES & ORDERS under INTEGRATION

  2. Select the store for which you would like to upload a logo. Beneath the store's information, click Edit store settings.
  3. On the next screen, under the "Branding" tab, locate the Select a store logo for emails and packing slips or Select store logo for USPS Labels field. Click Select.
  4. A window will open, allowing you to upload from your computer. Find the image and then click Select. The new image will be used as the logo on your labels.

    NOTE: The logo must be a 16bit JPG or PNG file format, and no larger than 1 MB.
  5. Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of your Store Info settings to save your changes.
    NOTE: Currently, we are unable to support 8-bit images. If your logo does not properly save to the store settings, this is likely the reason. You can change this image attribute in most photo editing programs, such as Photoshop or Acorn.

Now, any labels printed for this store's orders will feature your logo!

Is your logo still missing from your labels? Check out our troubleshooting guide.


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  • Avatar
    Ray Hewitt

    Happy to see this.. but the location of the label below the address on the right side is strange?  Is this the only place you offer it? 

  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Thanks for the feedback, Ray!

    USPS has very specific requirements for their labels. Our partners at Endicia (our USPS label provider) worked with the USPS compliance team to verify that placing a logo in that position on a USPS label would meet USPS requirements. Across the industry, there are a variety of different label layouts that USPS has approved. For the label layout that our partners at Endicia provide, USPS guidance was that below and to the right of the recipient address was the best location.

  • Avatar
    Ray Hewitt

    Any tips on getting a good quality output on a thermal label?  We found a JPG is better than a PNG file but we wish could better quality from it.

  • Avatar
    Matthew F. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in, here are a few pointers from our article about Logo on Labels

    • Rectangular images will display best.
    • Maximum image dimensions are 360 pixels wide (width) and 130 pixels tall (height). Any resizing required to fit the maximum dimensions will be done automatically, and proportionally. For example: an image that is 720 pixels wide and 130 pixels tall would be resized to be 360 x 65.

    So the best practice is to start with an image that is already at that size so that there is no quality loss when it is converted. 

    Hope that helps!

    Matthew Fox

  • Avatar
    Adrienne Cleminson

    I have created a logo 360x130 and it is 43.5 KB. I have loaded it and other images and it will still not let me choose this label as a label option... 
    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Or tell me why it isn't working?

  • Avatar
    Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thank you for your message!

    Looking at your account and settings, I see you currently have the labels customized with a Carrier Note.  Customizing your USPS domestic labels to display SKUs, item descriptions, or a carrier note uses space on the label. With less space available in the address area, there is a higher likelihood that an address will not leave enough space available for a logo.

    I recommend choosing the Order Number option here to see if that makes more room for your logo to display.

    Once you create a new label with the new settings, please check for the logo there.  If the logo is not displayed on the new label, please use the link at the top of the app to call, chat, or email in so we can assist further.  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Adrienne Cleminson

    You are not understanding me. In the settings for labels the label option using a logo is grayed out. Showing a logo needs to be added to make it an option and I have a logo added. I followed the exact steps and added a logo and that label option is still grayed out. I have a screenshot to show what I am mean; however, not sure how to send it to you directly.

  • Avatar
    Rewa W. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Adrienne!

    Thanks for your reply and we apologize for any confusion.  I do see you have uploaded a logo to your store.  The option on label settings is greyed out because this is a default selection that should apply to all the other label settings. As long as there is a logo uploaded to the store, you can combine that with any of the other label settings, such as order number, list order items. etc.

    I do see you have one label on your shipment history page printed in the carrier note format, and has no logo. Do you know if you uploaded a logo to the store before or after that label was purchased? If it wasn't uploaded before the label was purchased, that would explain why you are not seeing a logo on that particular label. Any new labels created after the upload should have the logo.

    Here is more info on how label change settings are applied:

    Why do my labels reprint in the wrong format after I change my settings?

    I hope this helps, but please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.

    Warmest Regards!

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