Release Notes thru 2017-08-15


  • Added support for a printer status indicator at the top of every page in ShippingEasy, next to the link for POSTAGE AND CARRIERS. If ConnectEasy is enabled on the ShippingEasy user, the printer icon will indicate if all, some, or none of the configured printers are available. The colors indicate:
    • green printer icon: all configured ConnectEasy client programs are available.
    • yellow printer icon: some ConnectEasy client programs are available and others are not.
    • red printer icon: none of the configured ConnectEasy client programs are available.

    Hovering over the icon will reveal more information about the ConnectEasy client program's availability and configuration. The printer status is also user specific, as each user can configure unique ConnectEasy settings.

    NOTE: the ConnectEasy client program may be running, but this does not guarantee that the printer is turned on and working. The new icon only indicates the status of the ConnectEasy client program itself.

    Learn more about ConnectEasy.

  • Added option to combine all orders with duplicate recipients using a single keystroke. Now, ShippingEasy can identify all orders that have duplicate recipients. Then automatically combine them accordingly. This streamlines the process of combining orders from duplicate recipients. Learn how to combine orders from duplicate recipients.
Customer Management:
  • Added a new filter on the ALL CUSTOMERS page: Purchased Items. This filters customers by product name, providing another way to segment customers. Learn how to filter customers.


  • Enhanced Walmart integration. Now, ShippingEasy will always sync 7 days worth of orders on Walmart stores. This ensures that orders held for fraud detection are synced once the order is released. Learn more about the Walmart integration.
  • Updated the address verification indicator on manual domestic orders. If the domestic address validation system is not available, mark the address of a manual domestic order as not validated. Learn more about address validation.
  • Enhanced the "Print Now" button on the READY TO SHIP page. The change impacts users that have enabled ConnectEasy. If the ConnectEasy client program is not running, the Print Now button is disabled. Find troubleshooting tips for buying and printing from the READY TO SHIP page.
  • Updated notification on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. A new message is displayed when attempting to filter to shipments that are more than 120 days old. The message notes that shipments older than 120 days are only available in Reports and Global Search. The message is displayed until the user navigates to a different page or clicks the message itself. Learn more about filtering shipped orders.
  • Improved ORDERS page search. Now, leading and trailing white space characters are ignored.
  • Improved Amazon store integration process. Now, white space characters which are leading or trailing credentials are ignored.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the PRINTER CONFIGURATION page. Now, the "ConnectEasy Status" will update in response to a change in the status of the ConnectEasy client program.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Pick List CSV file exports. Now, Pick List CSV files are successfully generated when the ORDERS page is filtered for multiple SKUs.
  • Resolved an error encountered by some accounts created before July 18, 2017. Free trial accounts, which have not provided a credit card, do not encounter a redirect error when logging into ShippingEasy.
  • Resolve an issue with an UPLOAD PRODUCTS page help link. Now the "View the ShippingEasy product column mappings and required fields" link points to the correct Knowledge Base resource.
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