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ShippingEasy is proud to offer complete automation with InstantLabel. Once configured, InstantLabel enables you to buy and print labels automatically - without lifting a finger! Best of all, InstantLabel only does what you want it to do. Building this intelligence requires some setup and this article will walk you through the steps needed to reach 100% shipping automation.

Overview of setup - click through each link for detailed steps:

  1. Set up product and packaging weights. Never enter package weights again.
  2. Create saved selections of carrier, carrier service, and packaging. Tell us your preferred shipping methods.
  3. Assign those saved selections via shipping rules. Dictate which shipping method is used for each type of order and turn on InstantLabels.
  4. Install and configure ConnectEasy. Integrate your hardware for direct printing.
  5. Double check your postage is automatically refilled. Avoid interruptions when purchasing postage.

Set up product and packaging weights

Make sure ShippingEasy knows the weight of each package - without the trouble of taking measurements and entering weights order by order.
TIP: if you only ship your packages using Flat Rate or Regional Rate boxes and envelopes from the USPS, you can skip this step and go to the next one.
Automating package weights requires two steps:
  1. Set up accurate product weights
  2. Save package dimensions
Set up product weights
Set up your product weights either in your online store or inside the ShippingEasy Products catalog. To ensure accurate shipping rates, it’s important that product weights are accurate.

Refer to your store platform user guide for in-store configuration steps. Better yet, use ShippingEasy’s native Products tools - a great option if your store doesn’t support order weights or you sell on multiple platforms.
Learn how to configure product weights with ShippingEasy’s Products catalog.
Save package dimensions
Account for the weight of packaging by setting up “add to” weights for your custom packaging. This allows ShippingEasy to combine the package weight with the weight of the products to obtain the total order weight.
Learn how to save custom packaging.
Find out how to define the “add to” weight.

Create saved selections of carrier, carrier service, and packaging.

Saved Selections allow you to save your preferred shipping services. This will help ShippingEasy apply the correct carrier, carrier service and packaging to each order.
Create a saved selection for each combination that you use. Learn how to create a saved selection. 

Assign those saved selections via shipping rules.

Shipping Rules enable you to ShippingEasy when to apply which saved selection, and to what order. This is also where we turn on instant labels.
If you’re new to shipping rules, get started with our comprehensive overview of rules.
To get started quickly, learn how to create a Shipping rule
The most important part of InstantLabel rules is the “Then” section. The “Then” statement tells ShippingEasy what to do with your orders - which is to apply your saved selections, purchase the labels and send it to your printer.
These actions are broken into two parts:
  1. Assigning the carrier selection
  2. Purchasing and printing the label
Configure the rule to assign the carrier selection
The “Then” action needs to include the option “Set saved carrier selection”. Once this option is selected, your customized saved selections will appear in the drop down list. Select the saved selection that you would apply to orders that met the conditions you set in the “If” section.
For example, in this rule we’re applying the “First Class” saved selection.
The rule knows to assign the First Class saved carrier, carrier service, and packaging configuration when the orders meet the condition of the“If” statement part of the rule. If we do not tell the application how to ship the package, we can not automate the purchase of those labels.
Tell ShippingEasy to automatically purchase and print labels
Before finalizing this rule, specify that the labels which meet the conditions of this rule need to be printed via InstantLabel. Do so by selecting the option to “Purchase and print label (InstantLabel)”.
TIP: we recommend letting your rules run for a bit before turning on InstantLabels to ensure that they work correctly before giving ShippingEasy permission to buy labels automatically to prevent purchasing errors. If you’d like to test your rules before turning on InstantLabels, select the option to “Send to Orders page” or “Send to Ready to Ship page” now -- then come back later and update the rule once you’re sure that your saved selections and package weights are being set correctly.
Remember to save the rule
Once the rule assigns both a saved selection to incoming orders, and has the above radio button selected, hit save, and InstantLabel is now active on your account! Just one more step and labels will be falling from your printer without any intervention on your behalf!

Install and configure ConnectEasy.

Now that ShippingEasy is primed to buy the label automatically, it’s time integrate a printer to ensure that they can also print automatically. Do so by installing and configuring ConnectEasy, our unique printing software.
Installing ConnectEasy
Set up ConnectEasy on a Mac
Set up ConnectEasy on Windows
Configuring ConnectEasy
Learn how to configuring ConnectEasy for printing

Double check your postage is automatically refilled.

One last thing to ensure that your InstantLabels never stop, is to tell your Endicia account to automatically refill their postage levels so it never drops to zero. Learn more about setting up automatic postage refills.



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